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An aneqdote from today.


I was just going to buy myself a new vacuum cleaner and a scanner and then all of a sudden I find myself in an outlet for clothes and shoes. I find the whitest shoes in the store and they fit perfectly, and the price was like nothing, I then walk around holding this shoe box really tight to my chest so that no one will be able to take them from me. On my way to pay for these ridiculous white shoes I set my eyes on somehting really colourful, socks. Who do not need socks for the winter, and yes winter is coming just like in Westeros. They were so colourful with stripes and dots and colours, and yes I was jumping up and down like a small girl, and yes I think my friend who were with me turned a few times to pretend I was a stranger.

I paid. And on my way home all I could think about was how I in the best creative manner could make the chalk coloured shoes as unwhite as possible in the most natural way.

I am set for the autumn. Please be autumn tomorrow when I wake up.




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