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Yes, there have been radio silence on my end for a while now. I have had so much to do every day the last two weeks. The apartment is coming along, the renovations are finished and I will show you how it turned out tomorrow when I can take proper photos in daylight. But I will show you pictures from the renovations, and you will get some hints at how it will look 🙂

First is the living room.





My living room is quite long and in hte picture you only see half of my living room, and to get better dept in the livingroom I decided to go dark. It is a deep grey-puprle colour, and a final picture will be posted tomorrow 🙂

And now for the bedroom !





I had to paint some to cover up the green colour so that it wouldn’t be visible when the wallpaper had been glued to the wall.


To bad I am to short to reach everywhere *sigh* My height is 175 cm…. it is not thaaat short, right?

I managed later on to paint that fucking annoying corner 😉



And here you can see my lovely friend and her nice butt putting up the wallpapers ❤

A million thanks to her ❤ (yes she does this for a living ^^)


That’s that…for now….

Tomorrow it is!



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