Week one at the University

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This have been my first week back at the university. I am attending my first term (of three) to add the subject art to my future teachers degree. It seems like I will be having one assignment each week, which I will be presenting int he end of every week, which means that in the end of every week I will show what I am up to during ym weeks.

This week’s assignment was to make 3-5 pictures, that would in themselves describe who you are, your surroundings, your home and so on.So I thought that I would share my pictures, and let you get a picture of you I am too, some of the pictures might perhaps be a bit deeper than what is shown, but if you like, post your comment of who you think I am. That is practically how we presented our pictures; a classmate was to guess the meaning of every picture and then I was to correct them or give them applauses.

My first picture I admitted was a painting I have done this week. Now, the photo is not the best and I will update it when I have had the opportunity to take a picture in decent lighting : )


My second picture, a charcoal picture. The woman in my drawing is a woman named Bambi, and she have given me permission to link you all to her blogg.



My third picture, a photo.


My fourth picture, a free hand drawing.


What will happen next week I will keep a secret ^^



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