Deciding costume for Halloween

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A few might think that Halloween is a holiday passing by in silence, and yes, it is passing by in silence..sometimes…but not this year…..

The big question, who will you dress up like? I am still thinking, though I have someone in mind… and then yet again it will take some time to MAKE the outfit…


The costume hanging is this this one:  LINK

And no, I have not bought this wonderful costume, though….maybe I should….


Who will you dress up like?




Week five at the university

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This last week I have been doing not one but six paintings, though I finished three. The assignment was to start out with 6-8 paintings and then finish 3-4 to present in the end of the week. I was encouraged to take photos of the prcess so here it goes…

Painting 1:

IMG_0468SIGN IMG_0469SIGN IMG_0472cropSIGN IMG_0483cropSIGN

This painting is not yet finished, I want to continue but for now I will keep in on hold. My thought is to make glowing flowers when it is finished. And ye, right, the teacher encouraged us all to experiment so in this painting I have used newspaper and spray paint^^

Painting 2:

IMG_0473SIGN IMG_0485cropSIGN IMG_0534cropfixsizeSIGN

So this is one of my finished paintings. I have got some criticism on this one… people seem to think that it has nice dept but that I should have choosen a different colour on the creatures, and then again they like the flowers and the simplicity of it, and then that I should work more with the background, and that it is nice as it is. There will always be people that think more than they should, but there in between it is good to listen to what people have to say. If you save the criticism that you think will help you in your creative process that can help you move forward. In my own defense though, this is the first time I actually try to paint my creatures…I cand raw them and stuff but to paint them properly with details and stuff is a bit more tricky and takes practise. Next time I will probably do it differently (it will be a next time for sure). But for now….. it feels good.

Painting 3:

IMG_0478SIGN IMG_0487cropSIGN IMG_0531cropfixsizeSIGN

Yes, I could not keep myself from painting a forest…. here as well as in the first one shown I have used spraypaint, it works well to give the impression of falling snow. This is one of my finished paintings. This was not so much up for discussion during the presentation. The presentation was somewhat a meeting where we were supposed to question the paintings. I mostly got nice and kind comments on this one, which I offcourse thank you all for. THANKS!

I like getting feed back on my work, to learn new tricks to use when painting, so as much as I appreciate all the nice comments I equally appreciate the criticism, that is how I evolve.

Painting 4:



This sure was a experiment…. Notice how the canvas is turned, the (almost) trees became the stems. This is probably not something I would make, when I started out I was clueless to what I would paint, though it turned out to be one of the finished paintings. Since I was supposed to start out to paint 6 paintings I started this whole process by making collages with different colour schemes. The reason was not only to keep the paintings apart but I know how easy it is to just continue to use the same palette when painting, and to prevent the paintings to have the same exact colours I made these collages(just cut outs from newspapers and stuff).

Painting 5:


This one is not finished. I used spraypaint and the sketch resembles an illustration from a childrens book, I don’t mind though, I would like to pull all my drawings and paintings towards illustration, would it not be awesome to write a book and to illustrate it? I think that is something I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. There are so many childrens books where they have to learn something about life, and sure that is great, but why can’t children just have fictional books/stories? Grown ups read for the fun of it, just enjoying a story, why can’t children? I can go at it for ages so I’ll stop here, since this post is about my week at the university 😉


So, anyhow, this week has been so much fun. I was stressed out monday, I have never before started out on 6 paintings at the same time, though it worked out well. and in the end I just felt relaxed to be painting again!

Next week I will be sketching, perhaps I will upoad a tease during the week just for the fun of it…. have a nice sunday !!!!



Busy week to come

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Busy week to come, to be honest I have been studying all day long, almost today. I managed to do two drawings today. And here is one of them.


Here is my deviantart Imaginarylea, if you want to see the other drawing and view more of my art.

I was just playing around with some promarkers, and then it turned out to be of great inspiration for a coming project. A few might guess what and others not but as usual I share my stuff all in time so, stay tuned *hihi*

I have uploaded a picture of my livingroom, and I must say that I really like my apartment. This weekend I moved my studio from a basement nearby to my living room, so the latest uploaded picture of it is a bit off now…. and yes, I basically have stuff everywhere, and everything needs to be sorted through, and ye then it was that thing about getting stuff done in school… and other small projects popping up, oh well I like having stuff to do so I think I am not really whining….though I wouldn’t mind if it was possible to squeeze one more day into this week….

anywho….my bedroom^____^


The bedroom is actually the most unfinished room, I am not sure what to do with it…yet…. but it will come… I mean all of a sudden I got an idea about what to do with the hallway so….perhaps it will come to me in a….. naaah not a dream…that’s to cheezy… in a….field trip..yes that sounds better ^___^


Week four at the university

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Yes, lets have two assignments running along at the same time, kind of. I don’t really mind, you just have to do one thing at the time, though it easier to have one assignment at the time. And by one assignment I mean an assignment containting like 4-6 rather huge tasks to take care of. Lets start from the beginning.

This week has not been about working from home. Everyone participating in this course have been at the actual university to work face-to-face and get to know one and other. Before this 3-days meeting we all had to do some prep. work. I have made a pattern, printed it on a long piece of paper, like 4 meters or something, to get the feeling of a wallpaper.




We had a short introduction and then we presented our wallpapers by putting them up in the corridor. Lunch, and then we moved on. The theme of this three-day meeting was graphics and introduction to painting. And we started of with graphics and the printing style monotyping, which is a printing method which can easily be used in school with children. You can only get one print out of each monotype you do, it is not a good method if you want to print more than one. A monotype is done thorugh putting paint on a glas or metal surface(not to thick with paint) and then you draw you picture in the paint with say… tops(cotton). Then you put your paper to the surface and press and pat until you think you have got the colour onto the paper and pull away the paper, and vóila, your picture on the glas should now be on your paper.


And if you print a second time it will look like this:


As you can see, this is why only one print is possible, you cans till do ONE pretty awesome ^^

We tried out one more printing method on day one. It was a lithographic method. We did not use huge stones but we did use a substitue method, sandpaper. When you had your piece of sandpaper you used wax crayons to draw on the material. Where the wax is put is where the paint will stick when you colour your sandpaper. And below you can see how it can look.


End day one.


Today we were supposed try on the printing method of woodcut. I made my drawing of it the day before so all I had to do now was to cut out all the brown. Drawing below.


The size of it was like a A4 paper I think, so yes I had some work to do, but it was fun, though it took all day to carve it. Below, carved version


and the finished print.


And this is pretty much what I had time for this day, it took longer than I would have expected. But it was fun.

The rest of this day was spent at the museum, where me and my class checked out a graphics exhibition “Falugrafikerna”. And later food and stuff and lots and lots of chatting *hihi*


Introduction to painting, Hi and Hello.

In small groups we started out painting huge papers with decided colours, and then we could go round and switch places with other people and continue painting on their piece.



And after a small coffee break (IMPORTANT) we was back in small groups.


All the colours were arranged and every small group was told not to speak to eachother but to create a picture of a bird from the coloured materials.



It was silent like in a grave….

Presentation time!




And then Lunch…

And after we could finally sit down and work with our own stuff, though from an assignment.

We were to take inspiration from magazines and then choose an artist to copy style-wise and to create 1-3 paintings.

IMG_6012 IMG_6016

Mine are the two to the left, with colour fields, you can also see my inspiration and I choose to cope the style of a local artist where I live, Hans Hermansson, I really like his landscape paintings. Here you can find one of the paintings I refer to by    HANS HERMANSSON

I might upload my stuff properly.. we’ll see… I see it mostly as practise for now. And ye, the theme in our work during these days was birds. Now I have lots to finish up unitl next week and stuff to prepare and next time we meet will be in mid october, see you then! and until then I’ll be online^^


Week three at the university

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The presentation of this assignment has not yet been presented, though it has been handed in and then I thought that since I won’t be presenting this until next week and deadline is tomorrow then here it goes.

This last week has been all about crayons of diffrent kinds and the colour perspective you get when looking out through a deep landscape. You know the bright-blue mountains and the  feeling that the closer you get to where you stand, the deeper the colours get. And like every other week so far we do a presentation through powerpoint. I will look into if it is possible to upload powerpoints. The thing is that the powerpoint is not just a presentation, every powerpoint I make with the different themes every week is a ppt with a pedagogical aspect and is created to be of use in the actual classroom. And some inspiration is always fun, I think. I browse the webb a few times a day and I usually find tons of inspiration for all different kind of ideas…


First off we were to look up pictures the can be inspirational when describing the colour perspective to the kids(16-19 years). So I thought well why not give them a teacher who has interests and passions. You can offcourse just show them generic pictures from the first thing you find on google, but that is boring, I think at least.




I love the director Tim Burton and his films, they are not just films they are a piece of art. Here is a picture from the Sweeney Todd movie.


I am not an hardcore gamer, but I appreciate beautiful games. And the PS3 game Journey is one of those games I really think look stunning. I have tried it out and the feeling of it is amazing, WOW I tell you.!

IMG_3990sizeSIGN OK

A photo from my trip to London before christmas, I love London 😉


I was in Bulgaria a few years ago, I ended up in a small town named Sozopol, I could actually imagine going back there, it was so nice and quiet ^^ Anyhow giving out small pieces of myself and this picture felt like a good example as well ^^

I have also tried out different kinds of crayons.. oil pastells, dry pastells, wax pencils, promarkers etc, on different kinds of surface. I suppose the thought behind this part of the assignment was to make us think about how different medium work on different surfaces and how the medium work in generally.

And then we were to make our own colour perspective drawing… um painting.. we started out by laying a foundation of water colours and then go at it with oil and/or dry pastells. I’ll show you one of them( we was supposed to make two)


And like I wrote in the beginning, everything has been put together in a powerpoint and will be presented next week in Falun. Yes, next week I have a few days I have to go to the university( it is a distance course with a few meetings at the actual university).

We were also asked to prepare a few things for next week’s meetings but that is next weeks assignment, I’ll say …. printing…






A day of testing

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Today I have been at it again. I really like working with watercolours. Not traditionally though, you know those huge wide landscapes with water in them or mountains, there has to be somehting more to them to make them interesting. Did you know that Hayao Miyazaki who has done the Totoro movie have done all his backgrounds with watercolours, yes! and that goes for many pther of his movies as well. And yes I really love his films ❤

I must confess though that doing those boring landscapes are a good warm up.



Anyhow I am really trying to figure out how to work with this medium in my favour…. and I will be thinking about this some more…




Ye, till next time…CIAO!



Week two at the university

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This last week I have been working with colours and how they work together and change depending on the colours next to them. First off  the assignment said that I was to make a colour circle, but not that ordinary one where you use acrylics or anything, no no, I could make this colour circle out of whatever I wanted to.


I made mine out of candy, it is approximately 40 tones + primary: blue,red, yellow.

I made colour tests mising primary and secondary colours with white, grey and black, and then I was to consider how the colours change. Below, the first falling row is primary and secondayr colour and then the colours are mixed with white, grey mixed from white and black and black.

målad färgkartaSIGN

Everything we do, we do with the purpose of being able to teach it in the future, so the pictures I show here is a part of my presentation I did, which was made as a tool for teaching colour to school classes of the upper secondary school.

Further, I experimented with complementary colours and how they work. And to those new to the terms, it simply means that the colours that are positioned opposite in the colour circle complement each other and if you mix them you get different cold and warm grey tones.

IMG17_0003cropfixSIGN gul lila komp

During the seminar and presentation we discussed how colours work in our daily life and how they affect us, you know like in ads and stuff like that. We had an interesting discussion and I will absolutely use this presentation in the future. It was made in powerpoint as all our presentations are and therefore perfect to keep for future teaching. Something I usually think when I do powerpoint is that they have to be simple, nice to watch, and not to much text. I want it to have pictures and short explanations and from there I want to create discussions and reason within the class I am teaching and engage them in the current theme. I hope my way of teaching will show itself to be useful to my future students.


All I will say about next week is…CRAYONS!