The Most Creative Bloggers Award

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Today when I checked my e-mail a surprise appeared.

Kintal of handed me the Most Creative Blogger Award. I got so happy, in truth I jumped up and down in my chair giving out giggling laughs. It warms my heart knowing that friends/bloggers/family trust and believe in me. Thanks Kintal!

It is MY PORTFOLIO that has been given this fancy award.

There is one condition to fully accept this award and that is to provide their own perspective on: their creativity and their source(s) of inspiration.


A traditional way of showing your art is by putting up a portfolio, but I think a traditional portfolio can be pretty boring as it usually isn’t interactive. My portfolio is. You can comment on my work, like and follow to get automatic updates. I get inspired quite randomly, it can be during a run through the park or a walk through the woods and sometimes I just want to put my feelings into a drawing.

When I close my eyes I remember breathtaking moments.

When I open my eyes I imagine what I cannot see.

When I put pen to paper I create a story.

This is what I want to live by. To just take a deep breath, not thinking tomorrow, and just do it today.


I know a few creative souls close to me. So now, I nominate 1 of those blogging souls who do original and imaginative posts, who use their creative skills every wake hour of their day. I think the idea is to nominate 10 bloggers, but most of them I think should get this award do not blogg at all, sorry guys only bloggers.

Lilié Biskopsdotter









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