Week two at the university

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This last week I have been working with colours and how they work together and change depending on the colours next to them. First off  the assignment said that I was to make a colour circle, but not that ordinary one where you use acrylics or anything, no no, I could make this colour circle out of whatever I wanted to.


I made mine out of candy, it is approximately 40 tones + primary: blue,red, yellow.

I made colour tests mising primary and secondary colours with white, grey and black, and then I was to consider how the colours change. Below, the first falling row is primary and secondayr colour and then the colours are mixed with white, grey mixed from white and black and black.

målad färgkartaSIGN

Everything we do, we do with the purpose of being able to teach it in the future, so the pictures I show here is a part of my presentation I did, which was made as a tool for teaching colour to school classes of the upper secondary school.

Further, I experimented with complementary colours and how they work. And to those new to the terms, it simply means that the colours that are positioned opposite in the colour circle complement each other and if you mix them you get different cold and warm grey tones.

IMG17_0003cropfixSIGN gul lila komp

During the seminar and presentation we discussed how colours work in our daily life and how they affect us, you know like in ads and stuff like that. We had an interesting discussion and I will absolutely use this presentation in the future. It was made in powerpoint as all our presentations are and therefore perfect to keep for future teaching. Something I usually think when I do powerpoint is that they have to be simple, nice to watch, and not to much text. I want it to have pictures and short explanations and from there I want to create discussions and reason within the class I am teaching and engage them in the current theme. I hope my way of teaching will show itself to be useful to my future students.


All I will say about next week is…CRAYONS!





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