Week eight at the university

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It seems like there won’t be a merging of two weeks, though this assignment has draged on for two weeks. So, here it is..or something. Week eight has been the start of the course of ceramics and sculpture, and this post will mostly be about ceramics. I have tried out…practised ceramics during my time at Lunnevads folkhögskola for two years so I felt like I could do a bit more than the pure basics and so I did.

During the first week of working with this I did small objects to bring with me to Falun this week.


And during this week in Falun me and my classmates continued to work with clay and different ways to decorate our stuff.


I have really come to like pinching and then decorating it through sgraffito and make patterns.


I won’t get these back until next time I go to Falun, and that will be in a month. And, if I want to glaze them, and I think I want to and have to since we will speak about it next time, then I have to wait until the beginning of february. I am not sure I want to wait that long though, I might fix it some how in my own end…we’ll see.




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A sunny autumn day.

Due to parallel assignments this week and the next I will post my university studies in the end of next week. I will show you my work with clay and a sculpture project work.



A deep breath

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A few litt candles and a bath.

Some tea and pyjamas.


With no sleep for two nights(what it feels like) and days full of studies I sure do appreciate my moments of inner peace. The feeling of sinking down into a hot bath and the tension just goes away somehow. A deep breath and all the stress and made-up problems just go away.


Tomorrow I will take one thing at the time !




Pottering with friends

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Sometimes the opportunity comes to actually finish started projects, I am on my way.

IMG_6182 IMG_6183 IMG_6184

Yesterday evening me and some friends sat down to talk…about everything and nothing, and to just paint and do our own things… many of us (not me) painted warhammer. I took care of some birds. I saw out birds a year ago approximatedly, but I have not gotten very far with that project, but now it feels much better ^^ I know now how to continue with them. So above are some pictures from yesterday, pictures of teh birds will come as they get finished : ) lets call it the birdproject ; )

The green bird in the last picture will be switched away to one of my friends, and she will crochet a totoro for me in return ^////^ it is not yet finished though, so that is my closest project right now : )


And just to drop a note in the end…. I will be working to put together an exhibition to next spring, more info will be coming later on, but can be fun fact to know anyways : )



Congrats with an apple

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I have this friend who turned twenty recently, he was supposed to bring me apples but says there aren’t any *sadface* That equals less apple pies….

…So I thought that I would give him an apple instead, makes no sense but you know.. it does not always have to make sense, because that is boring ^^ I apparently forget stuff… lets leave it at that… um… so I forgot that damn apple when I knew I would see him later yesterday… so here you go, congrats old man ( he is like 50 in his mind though turns 20) and ye, nice touch getting rid of the rail in your mouth 😛




Week seven at the university

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The end of this part of the course. This course I have been through these last couple of weeks has been about 2d pictures, tomorrow a new part is started. For the coming couple of weeks I will be working with clay and sculpture. So, to end these last couple of weeks I had to go deeper into one of the subjects we have touched through these weeks. I choose drawing. But, it wouldn’t be as easy as to just do a couple of drawings and then speak about them, no. I and my comrades had to connect the subject we chose to an assignment we could do with the youngsters in school and also connect it to the goals and guidelines in the curriculum for the art subject.

I hope I made sense there….

Anywho, as I wrote I chose drawing. I wanted my students to try out different kinds of materials to later reflect on pros and cons. And something I really like is drawing people, so ye you can say I made this assignment through my own likes, though I did connect it to the curriculum : )

First off in the classroom I would have gathered my students around a huge table to give them the first hand look of how you can work with graphite, charcoal and dry pastells, as those were the mediums they would be trying.

IMG17_0001 IMG17_0006

The text in swedish say that it is tests.

I would also show the students a few examples. And as usual I am not sharing all the material, but I hope you will still follow somewhat. And now for the theme.

alexast dev moltres dev derekjones dev

Yes they will be drawing their nude feet!

And as part of the assignment at the university I was to do the assignment I built and then do my own deepening into the theme, below follows a few drawings I have made of my own crocked feet, though I really like my feet *hihi*

The example with brown paper, that is the drawing I have kept in mind as inspiration when drawing my own feet with dry pastells.

IMG17_0002sizeSIGN IMG17_0006sizeSIGN IMG17_0009sizeSIGN IMG17_0010sizeSIGN IMG17_0013sizeSIGN IMG17_0016sizeSIGN

So this is practically what I have been doing the last week at the university… and I have also presented it to my classmates and the teacher. That went…good I think..hope… ye, we will see whtat the outome will be soon enough : )



A day outside the city

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Yesterday I took a walk in the woods with a friend, we looked for mushrooms ^^ And though family had said to me that we wouldn’t find any because of the dry autumn so far and the sudden frsot we did actually find some!

IMG_0581sizeSIGN IMG_0582sizeSIGN

And yes, she held the camera too, though my name is stamped on it (and will be on several to come), just a sign of claim to this blog, no worries, all cred to my friend who took them 🙂




This friend of mine love her moss ❤

IMG_0566fixsizeSIGN IMG_0578sizeSIGN IMG_0589sizeSIGN IMG_0634sizeSIGN IMG_0649sizeSIGN IMG_0667sizeSIGN IMG_0670sizeSIGN IMG_0673sizeSIGN

We had agreat day that continued to my mom’s place on the countryside, food, coffee, cinnamonbuns,, candy, coffee, and a day to take a deep breath before a new week starts. We should have been one more and we missed her deeply, next time dear ❤

Week six at the university

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This week has come to an end. This week has been long and to be short I have made drawings this week. This week’s assignment said that I was to make one drawing with the theme of people, animals or landscape and the second drawing had to be an event with clear emotion.

For my first drawing I choose people. My sister came over and modelled for my in my livingroom.


And for my second drawing I choose an event that took place during this week. I was sitting at a café, I had made plans with my boyfriend and I am always to early, so I had ordered in a huge cup of coffee and then. There he was in the doorway. He found me and hugged me like there was no tomorrow,. Lots of emotions ran through me and I thought it would serve well as inspiration for this week’s assignment.


This week has felt really long and now the weekend is here, have a nice weekend!


Modeling for sisters

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Yesterday when drawing I had a nude model, my sister Linda (more about that during the weekend). And today I was a hair model for our youngest sister Lisa who is aspiring to become a hairdresser. Today I met up with her and we went to her school not far from my home and there she took care of my hair for 2, 5 hours. She was great, she really knew what she was doing and she was not afraid to try on new things when the teacher came along challenging her with stuff they have not even gone through yet. I am really impressed! The challenge was to top the hair, but since I want a bit longer in the front she got to try on to cut in a different way to get the wished result. And then I thought that it would be awesome to have curls…since I have none……

And offcourse I have a few pictures from today…..

IMG_6072 IMG_6073 IMG_6074 IMG_6076



And ye one thing I have to say… try not to stab me those hair slides….and you are never to touch my fringe again! Guess what she did!!! She thought she should prove what you can do with a hairdryer and dries my fringe straight up….where it sticks! um…. ye… when we finally have gotten it down…I still could get in 4 finger in a row in between the forehead and the fringe……ye we had a big laugh about it….I think I’ll manage my own fringe in the future 😉

But! A great job Lisa and Good luck 😉


A cut-out

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I will not reveal it all but the last drawing assignment this week is to draw an event. Inside that assignment lays a bunch of things to think about…feeling, light/dark, pen pressure, etc… I have had the most amazing evening. And I know what to make my event about. I will illustrate a meeting. Coffee with my boyfriend and the feeling of longing and wishes. I have been longing for this coffee for several days and when he came in through the door all the stress and anxiety just went away. He came up to me and hugged me like… I was the best person in world, it felt safe and warm and as if we didn’t have to let go we wouldn’t…though we wanted coffee so… we got coffee and something sweet *hihi* ❤

Below you can see a picture by Tony Sandoval, I think he has really caught an event and a feeling, I will present my version on friday or during the weekend.