Modeling for sisters

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Yesterday when drawing I had a nude model, my sister Linda (more about that during the weekend). And today I was a hair model for our youngest sister Lisa who is aspiring to become a hairdresser. Today I met up with her and we went to her school not far from my home and there she took care of my hair for 2, 5 hours. She was great, she really knew what she was doing and she was not afraid to try on new things when the teacher came along challenging her with stuff they have not even gone through yet. I am really impressed! The challenge was to top the hair, but since I want a bit longer in the front she got to try on to cut in a different way to get the wished result. And then I thought that it would be awesome to have curls…since I have none……

And offcourse I have a few pictures from today…..

IMG_6072 IMG_6073 IMG_6074 IMG_6076



And ye one thing I have to say… try not to stab me those hair slides….and you are never to touch my fringe again! Guess what she did!!! She thought she should prove what you can do with a hairdryer and dries my fringe straight up….where it sticks! um…. ye… when we finally have gotten it down…I still could get in 4 finger in a row in between the forehead and the fringe……ye we had a big laugh about it….I think I’ll manage my own fringe in the future 😉

But! A great job Lisa and Good luck 😉



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