A day outside the city

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Yesterday I took a walk in the woods with a friend, we looked for mushrooms ^^ And though family had said to me that we wouldn’t find any because of the dry autumn so far and the sudden frsot we did actually find some!

IMG_0581sizeSIGN IMG_0582sizeSIGN

And yes, she held the camera too, though my name is stamped on it (and will be on several to come), just a sign of claim to this blog, no worries, all cred to my friend who took them 🙂




This friend of mine love her moss ❤

IMG_0566fixsizeSIGN IMG_0578sizeSIGN IMG_0589sizeSIGN IMG_0634sizeSIGN IMG_0649sizeSIGN IMG_0667sizeSIGN IMG_0670sizeSIGN IMG_0673sizeSIGN

We had agreat day that continued to my mom’s place on the countryside, food, coffee, cinnamonbuns,, candy, coffee, and a day to take a deep breath before a new week starts. We should have been one more and we missed her deeply, next time dear ❤


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