Pottering with friends

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Sometimes the opportunity comes to actually finish started projects, I am on my way.

IMG_6182 IMG_6183 IMG_6184

Yesterday evening me and some friends sat down to talk…about everything and nothing, and to just paint and do our own things… many of us (not me) painted warhammer. I took care of some birds. I saw out birds a year ago approximatedly, but I have not gotten very far with that project, but now it feels much better ^^ I know now how to continue with them. So above are some pictures from yesterday, pictures of teh birds will come as they get finished : ) lets call it the birdproject ; )

The green bird in the last picture will be switched away to one of my friends, and she will crochet a totoro for me in return ^////^ it is not yet finished though, so that is my closest project right now : )


And just to drop a note in the end…. I will be working to put together an exhibition to next spring, more info will be coming later on, but can be fun fact to know anyways : )




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