Week seven at the university

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The end of this part of the course. This course I have been through these last couple of weeks has been about 2d pictures, tomorrow a new part is started. For the coming couple of weeks I will be working with clay and sculpture. So, to end these last couple of weeks I had to go deeper into one of the subjects we have touched through these weeks. I choose drawing. But, it wouldn’t be as easy as to just do a couple of drawings and then speak about them, no. I and my comrades had to connect the subject we chose to an assignment we could do with the youngsters in school and also connect it to the goals and guidelines in the curriculum for the art subject.

I hope I made sense there….

Anywho, as I wrote I chose drawing. I wanted my students to try out different kinds of materials to later reflect on pros and cons. And something I really like is drawing people, so ye you can say I made this assignment through my own likes, though I did connect it to the curriculum : )

First off in the classroom I would have gathered my students around a huge table to give them the first hand look of how you can work with graphite, charcoal and dry pastells, as those were the mediums they would be trying.

IMG17_0001 IMG17_0006

The text in swedish say that it is tests.

I would also show the students a few examples. And as usual I am not sharing all the material, but I hope you will still follow somewhat. And now for the theme.

alexast dev moltres dev derekjones dev

Yes they will be drawing their nude feet!

And as part of the assignment at the university I was to do the assignment I built and then do my own deepening into the theme, below follows a few drawings I have made of my own crocked feet, though I really like my feet *hihi*

The example with brown paper, that is the drawing I have kept in mind as inspiration when drawing my own feet with dry pastells.

IMG17_0002sizeSIGN IMG17_0006sizeSIGN IMG17_0009sizeSIGN IMG17_0010sizeSIGN IMG17_0013sizeSIGN IMG17_0016sizeSIGN

So this is practically what I have been doing the last week at the university… and I have also presented it to my classmates and the teacher. That went…good I think..hope… ye, we will see whtat the outome will be soon enough : )




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