Week thirteen at the university

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Here you can se abit of what I have been up to this week, LINK.

And below is a few results.







I am still working with photography and I have worked manually with the digital camera, that is playing around with the settings on my own. On monday this is going up in the seminar, hopefully I my fellow comrades and teacher thinks it is  holding up. I will work some more on this tomorrow, preparing and stuff.

I will be putting up some photos on my portfolio as well as my deviantart 🙂



Adventure time in the studio

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A few clues to what I am doing this week at school, photography. The assignment is to snap five pictures with a certain theme, I will tell you more about it and show more photos I will be using in the end of the week. Why you might wonder, well, I will have friend who will be punching holes to my pictures in a meeting in the beginning of next week, and therefore I don’t want to spoil to much beforehand : )

More to come later then!





So, no spoiler o the theme or nothing! ; )

EDIT: Some pictures did not make to cut for the actual assignment but they were nice anyway, so here is the link to my portfolio and my photos, where you can view a few photos : )  MY PORTFOLIO


Coloud Boom Blocks

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My old brilliant headphones went…to the grave the same day I was going home from school in Falun..yes(!!) I went by train almost 5 hours WITHOUT music, it was boring as hell! So the day after I found these lovely boom blocks ^^ The brand is Coloud Boom blocks pink/purple

If you tap the picture you can see where to buy them(swedish site). So far so good, good sound and bas in them, and they keep outer sounds away you only hear your music and your own thoughts, me like when I go out running 🙂


I have a dog

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Or rather my mom has a dog..no..two, but I have borrowed one. The plan was to get with dog for a whole week, but then it hit me when I have had her for 2 days approx. that the amount of time it takes to care for an animal is time I don’t have when during the weeks. I also have lots of literature to read for school this coming week so this pretty face went home today. I might borrow her some more time, though it will only be for a weekend or so.

I thought it better that she should go home today, home to the countryside instead of being stuck with me in the city, at home she can run free ^^



Week twelve at the university


I have been at the scool in the north this week, and we made videos among a few things…. So I made this one…

I have never attempted to make a video from scratch, so this is my number one first movie I make^^






Week eleven at the university

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It is apparent where my focus has laid this week(check earlier posts), embarrased I did not study 100%…naah not really, I did actually start my days with looking through my school-stuff, so I did my sceduled work.

This week the university has changed my timetable like thrice…and the original assignment for the week has been prolonged. A parallel assignment was to watch a youth movie and write a reflection and discuss it next week while visiting the school(again), that I am doing tonight while eating dinner…. and then they thought we got a bit to little to do. So they threw in another assignment…to find a favorite photo which move you and write a few lines about why you chose it.

My problem was that I had so damn many photos to choose from. I am a member of the deviantart community and therefore I fave lots of pictures and many photos I like…. after soem time I chose this picture(press the picture and you will be redirected to its source).


I thought it was brilliant, the artist has more from where this comes from, so check it out. I described my choice from the point of view that it is simply cool. It is an awesome way to play around with photography and its possibilities.

The original assignment which I will present next week is about putting together a number of photos I snap and make a story from “my world”, or somehow describe a part from my own world that describes me… ye word-twisting, anywho… The coming week I take my backpack and go to the north, to the school and while there I will try to be a nice person… ye… but I will be longing home…as usual…. my life is here in my town and I like it here and besides…when I get home I will borrow one of my mom’s dogs for a whole week, imagine all the exersice I will give the dog(and myself for the matter) ^^


The smile of a happy child

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I have  two friends who have this lovely child together, he is almost two years old and they have a lovely friend(me) who do not have kids and since this friend do not have kids she can spoil other’s kids ^^

Yesterday The dad(who is a breast cancer scientist) came over to my boyfriend(who is a warhammer 40k friend of The dad) with his child. I was still living at his place so while the men were making awesome 40k miniture painting I was entertaining the kid. We rolled out fax paper on the wooden floor and drew lots of paintings with his crayons. We went into the studio and played around with my acrylic paint on a huge cardboard… and ye I got the kid lots of fruit juice and lots of cookies, he was really awake and hm I think The dad called it high on sugar *hehe*






And shortly after the last photo the little guy thought we should add a bit more water so he takes the container of water and pours… that is turning the whole jar of water upside down onto the cardboard….we had also painted with our hands and when he saw me dry off on my pants(I was wearing my already dirty painting-jeans) he did the same and now there was water all over… where to start… there was paint and water all over us and the floor and stuff…. he just smiled and was as happy as any child can be in this situation…. aaaand that’s when The dad comes and just takes over, he clean up his son though I was responsible and I just clean up the worst of the colour-water-on-the-floor-happening ^^ And then we went to eat cookies again….


A week of painting – day 5

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Yesterday we took a break, or… I think the thought was to paint all night as usual, but we got sweet sweet company from the north of Sweden and we drank coffee and talked old awkward stories from when we were young…. though mine were from like 2 weeks ago…anywho, today we have painted on and off all day long. Both me and boyfriend have worked with details and almost dipped our noses into the painting, but it has been so much fun!













None of us will be finished by the end of this week. I will continue working on this painting when I am back from school in the end of next week, yes I still have school to think of even though I would much more rather paint ^^ The boyfriend will probably put this on hold for a while when this week has passed since he has other work to get done in his studio as well. If …. when he finish his painting I will give him the opportunity to borrow a post from me so that you can see the final result : )

Now a movie and I will really try not to fall asleep to this one…I kind of fell asleep to two movies on two different nights earlier this week, though I slept really well ^^


A week of painting – day 4

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We managed a few strokes of the brush tonight.









It feels good to have painted a little, even though the day has been filled with fun stuff going on. Am not sure whether or not I should explain more about the paintings…. I will continue to let the pictures speak for themselves ^^

A few ideas are growing for the near future….to be continued ; )


Adventure time: Destination Lunnevads folkhögskola

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Today was a special day, today was the day when I visited my old school Lunnevads folkhögskola out in the countryside. Sure for me it was like a few months ago since I was there, but for my boyfriend it was like 5 years, he was a bit nervous, *hihi*. When we got there I had a few friends racing for hugs, it was nice seeing them again… and most of them agree it feels like I have been sick for a week and now I am back…. It was nice to be back, yet it felt a bit sad. I miss my time there. For you who study art there at the moment, don’t slack off bitches! this is probably one of the few chances you get to create and do what you wish! *hugs*

One theme of this school, and important part is all the cups of coffee you drink in one day ^^ here are a few pictures from today, and if you don’t find yourself in them then you was a good pupil and did probably(hopefully) work hard with your stuff ; )











I have been working with school things too, so the day was not waisted! But ok in the last picture I am just enjoying myself ❤

We’ll see if we will paint today, I feel all fuzzy in my head(too much fresh air, must be it), I have actually been naping a bit since we got home, last time I checked the bearded beauty was sleeping….. we did take us the time to eat cake though…. Updates to come…..