Week nine at the university

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IMG_1003sizeSIGN IMG_1003testmerge

For a while now I have been working on this public art-piece. My study-buddies and I would each do a proposition. I could not make up my mind of which place to choose, though I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Finally I found the best place, in the backyard of the apartment-building I live in. There is a day care for children in our backyard and I thought they could do with something more fun than that old stump. Now this is just a proposition, and since I did not get all pleased with my result I have not laid it out for those in charge yet. That was not something we had to do, but one of my study-buddies did that, I keep my fingers crossed that she get i through. And, I will redo my piece and turn in a proper proposition too 🙂

Anywho, here is the process of my work I did last week, I mean even though I did not like the result I can still show you what went wrong 😉

IMG_1005sizeSIGN IMG_1012sizeSIGN IMG_1020sizeSIGN IMG_1042sizeSIGN IMG_1044sizeSIGN

I began cutting in styrofoam and later I added platser to get some other surface. If I made this for real I think I would want to mould it in concrete or something. You know it has to stay sturdy for all the kids hanging around.

IMG_1053sizeSIGN IMG_1059sizeSIGN IMG_1068sizeSIGN IMG_1074sizeSIGN IMG_1003psd skulptur i miljösizeSIGN


This assignment is finished, but since I am not pleased I have to redo it to get some kind of closure 😉 My plan is to carve it our of plaster. The original size of the sculpture I made is around 60 cm high and when I redo it I will work on a smaller scale 🙂




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