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My background on my computer is usually a piece of art from the art community Deviantart and for the moment it is this one LINK, and this picture is also the inspiration. I wanted to make a really scary creature but as you can see I am a lost case when it comes to that…. I am not sure I can do any scary stuff they always go towards pretty and cute and adorable…. I just try to call them monsters…. it kind of turned out to be a….hedgehoglamb…right?

It feels good to be able to sit down and just create, I have not felt the eagerness to do it lately, probably because of the 24/7 creating on the university, but it feels good to be back on track! I continued on my really scary monster today… I will paint it but the plaster has to be really dry before I do that…will probably take a week or so, wouldn’t surprise me at all…

igelkottlamm fyraVATTEN

Ye, still cute…I think anyways. Yes, and, tonight my sister helped me out and we made a water stamp for my pictures instead of that signature I usually do in one corner of my pictures, so from now on you will see this pretty water stamp instead. I think it look better : )




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