A week of painting – day 1

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This week I am staying with my boyfriend. He is also an artist, he does huge landscapes for warhammer 40k tournaments and he also paint his own figures. This week though we will paint side by side, he is one year older and attended the same art schools before me, he can probably teach me a thing or two ^^

He already has a painting to continue on, he usually paint woods and trolls, he gives you a scene of action. Here you can see his beginning.


And here is mine.


I have laid my foundation and will continue to work it up to something visible. I know I want to make a forest, BUT, I really suck at making a scene. I can make woods with a sense of feeling but I have never made a real story through my forest paintings. That is my goal, to give you a story.


I will upload pictures every day so that you can follow the process, and it seems like it is okey to show you my boyfriend’s work too, so you will be able to follow his process too. Have a nice week!

btw, what do you think of the new stamp on the pictures, thumbs up?



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