Week ten at the university

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This week I had tons of texts to read and in the end of the week me and my study-buddies had to talk about this for two hours, and then write a reflection about it. That was one part. The other part was more…fun… I had two days of teacher’s practise!!(!!)

That was so much fun, it was really nice to be back in school again. Last time I was in school doing my teacher’s practise was like more than 2 years ago, so it was really nice to be back. Though last time I visited the later years of obligatory school and this time I visited my own old upper secondary school. When I went to upper secondary I studied art, it was nice to meet my old teachers, though this time I was their colleague and not their student. My assignment was to look at the facilities but I also participated in the classroom as an extra teacher, which was welcomed. These two days I went around smiling all days long, it felt so damn good and I really know I have chosen the right profession.


During one of the lessons the students worked with water colour, I was asked if I wanted to paint too, so I put up a simple still life to fail with, and just you know…do, without thinking that much.



This coming week a new part of the course is introduced, photography.



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