Adventure time: Destination Lunnevads folkhögskola

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Today was a special day, today was the day when I visited my old school Lunnevads folkhögskola out in the countryside. Sure for me it was like a few months ago since I was there, but for my boyfriend it was like 5 years, he was a bit nervous, *hihi*. When we got there I had a few friends racing for hugs, it was nice seeing them again… and most of them agree it feels like I have been sick for a week and now I am back…. It was nice to be back, yet it felt a bit sad. I miss my time there. For you who study art there at the moment, don’t slack off bitches! this is probably one of the few chances you get to create and do what you wish! *hugs*

One theme of this school, and important part is all the cups of coffee you drink in one day ^^ here are a few pictures from today, and if you don’t find yourself in them then you was a good pupil and did probably(hopefully) work hard with your stuff ; )











I have been working with school things too, so the day was not waisted! But ok in the last picture I am just enjoying myself ❤

We’ll see if we will paint today, I feel all fuzzy in my head(too much fresh air, must be it), I have actually been naping a bit since we got home, last time I checked the bearded beauty was sleeping….. we did take us the time to eat cake though…. Updates to come…..



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