A week of painting – day 5

Blog, Creativity

Yesterday we took a break, or… I think the thought was to paint all night as usual, but we got sweet sweet company from the north of Sweden and we drank coffee and talked old awkward stories from when we were young…. though mine were from like 2 weeks ago…anywho, today we have painted on and off all day long. Both me and boyfriend have worked with details and almost dipped our noses into the painting, but it has been so much fun!













None of us will be finished by the end of this week. I will continue working on this painting when I am back from school in the end of next week, yes I still have school to think of even though I would much more rather paint ^^ The boyfriend will probably put this on hold for a while when this week has passed since he has other work to get done in his studio as well. If …. when he finish his painting I will give him the opportunity to borrow a post from me so that you can see the final result : )

Now a movie and I will really try not to fall asleep to this one…I kind of fell asleep to two movies on two different nights earlier this week, though I slept really well ^^



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