The smile of a happy child

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I have  two friends who have this lovely child together, he is almost two years old and they have a lovely friend(me) who do not have kids and since this friend do not have kids she can spoil other’s kids ^^

Yesterday The dad(who is a breast cancer scientist) came over to my boyfriend(who is a warhammer 40k friend of The dad) with his child. I was still living at his place so while the men were making awesome 40k miniture painting I was entertaining the kid. We rolled out fax paper on the wooden floor and drew lots of paintings with his crayons. We went into the studio and played around with my acrylic paint on a huge cardboard… and ye I got the kid lots of fruit juice and lots of cookies, he was really awake and hm I think The dad called it high on sugar *hehe*






And shortly after the last photo the little guy thought we should add a bit more water so he takes the container of water and pours… that is turning the whole jar of water upside down onto the cardboard….we had also painted with our hands and when he saw me dry off on my pants(I was wearing my already dirty painting-jeans) he did the same and now there was water all over… where to start… there was paint and water all over us and the floor and stuff…. he just smiled and was as happy as any child can be in this situation…. aaaand that’s when The dad comes and just takes over, he clean up his son though I was responsible and I just clean up the worst of the colour-water-on-the-floor-happening ^^ And then we went to eat cookies again….



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