Easily bored

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Out and about


now, I am sick. For real. It sucks.

My boyfriend made me a list before he went home, I should buy: ice cream, orange juice, garlic bread. I did that and now I am going to….be sick….(?)


But I was at a friend yesterday and got a small water colour painting made. It was mostly just for practise, I think they are playing hide and seek…and then I met up with a few other friends and we went out to a pub…that was funny but not so very clever, since I am sick now…. I get easily bored and perhaps it will pop up some more drawings/paintings later. Now I am going to eat ice cream and watch a movie….




Water colour update

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I am bad at being sick. I gave it a day and then I have been out and about ^^

A couple of days ago I was with a few friends and got some water colour paintings done ^^

And if you wonder what the first one says: I love cottage cheese…. though I don’t really love it, it was more of what someone said in my surroundings…



These and more water colour paintings and other stuff can be found at my deviantart IMAGINARYLEA


I suppose I need to update my portfolio too, but not today, I save that for some other day : )



An exchange of gifts <3

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I have had a great christmas, I got this lovely scarf of my boyfriend. It has really nice patterns and nice dark colours ^^


And since I really like my boyfriend quite alot I thought that since he uses so many small candles I would give him some, I got him 200 :3 and this lovely lantern.


I have really had a great christmas with those I keep close and now….I will try to rest, I have gotten a weird cold…my nose is all up in the air and I am freezing and sweating at the same time, mostly cold though….

..some sleep and stuff and I will be alright for new years eve…


Ugly boxes go bling bling

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Yes, well, I was in town today and thought I should wrap some presents in nice boxes. And to my (not so big) surprise, they are dull and boring and ugly. I went around looking and found the ugliest boxes, but they were the perfekt size, so I bought them and thought I can wrap them up in some brown paper I have got at home.




As you can see above I found something else re-wrap the boxes with. I had old wallpaper tests laying around soooo I used wallpaper. I just glued everything together and I mean look below, the new boxes are waaaay more pretty than the old ugly one!


And then I had two more boxes to re-decorate ^^





I used my phone to take the photos thereof the qutíte so bad quality in the pictures but you get what I mean anyhow, I hope ; )

A good way to end this day, and tomorrow I will be doing stuff I need to do : )

And ye, another hint! I will be sowing my own dress for new years eve as it seems ^^ and if I do I’ll share my(hopefull) progress!



Baking christmas candy with a friend

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So I have been out and about with a friend today doing some christmas shopping and then we continued to my place where we made lots of christmas candy…and now, this is my evening, here you can see the book in the bakcground I need to finish until friday : ) and a huge cup of coffee, my head hurts like hell…


Yes, sometimes I do other things than just create sutff and study..I relaaaax ^____^


Practising watercolour instead of studying

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Yes, ok, I have studied a little, but I started my day by painting with watercolours and I just continued…






Tomorrow I have other plans. I need to study and I need to go shopping a christmas gift for my boyfriend and I think I’ll be baking candy tomorrow evening too, busy days before christmas!


Practising watercolour in the middle of the night

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Now I think it is best to go to bed, I still have some studies to deal with tomorrow, but I feel at ease within because I have been practising watercolour for a few hours now, so this is what my last white gap filled on my a4 paper ^^

I am really not the greatest at watercolour and I will keep saying that at least for a few months, but I do feel like I get it a bit more, little by little you know and in the end I hope it will come out great ^^

Good night, and hey it is only like a week left until christmas…!



Week fourteen and fifteen at the university

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The last two couple of weeks as been all about reading books and finishing the film we were going to make. Now, I have promised not to show this film outside of the university assignment, so I will honor that agreement to the people in it and so on and so forth. I made these pictures for the film PICTURES,     though they did not make the cut in the end. I used the short film fotage and the students pictures in the film when telling the story. And now I have made it all very confusing if you’re not in the loop already.

The idea in the assignment was to make a film about a few teens who create pictures. It was supposed to be called “A childrens’ picture observation” I think that is an accurate translation… the actual assignment was pretty free in the doing so I decided to write a story that would not describe the elements or subjects to much, and then the teens would illustrate this story and later talk about their picture.

Tmorrow we enter the next part, and last, of this term. And well the reason I let it go two weeks instead of one is because I did not really have much to show, and I don’t have much to show now either so over and out and I will finish up the reflection I need to write today and later I am painting some water colour art works….

…hint….some plans are being made to perhaps do another week of painting…perhaps my goal would be to finish up the painting I started on last time






Good idea?


More exciting stuff to come^^


W hat T he F uck

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Approx. two years ago someone jumped infront of the train at the station where I take my train home. The station is in a small town so small that you can see the countryside and the fastest trains go past there, and this person decided to jump in the dark of january. I did not know this person, though I just broke the day after in school, I couldn’t stop crying in the teachers’ office.

Nasty story.

Loved ones close to me is on and off well, and I am sometimes more concerned. Sometimes I go preparing for the worst news, and sometimes I cry before something have even happened, because I am..scared(?)…I don’t know. Though these circumstances are natural, some day I will hear the news and be devastated, but knowing it was natural causes it is somewhat comforting, I will not be able to do anything, I am no doctor.

Sad story.

And yes you, what were you thinking, I know some background story, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but what the fuck! I might not know all your background but I do know that going out before the fact that you have not lived you life, no, you have not even lived through half of your life. So, what the fuck, it sure as fuck is to early to throw in the towel!

What the fuck!