W hat T he F uck

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Approx. two years ago someone jumped infront of the train at the station where I take my train home. The station is in a small town so small that you can see the countryside and the fastest trains go past there, and this person decided to jump in the dark of january. I did not know this person, though I just broke the day after in school, I couldn’t stop crying in the teachers’ office.

Nasty story.

Loved ones close to me is on and off well, and I am sometimes more concerned. Sometimes I go preparing for the worst news, and sometimes I cry before something have even happened, because I am..scared(?)…I don’t know. Though these circumstances are natural, some day I will hear the news and be devastated, but knowing it was natural causes it is somewhat comforting, I will not be able to do anything, I am no doctor.

Sad story.

And yes you, what were you thinking, I know some background story, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but what the fuck! I might not know all your background but I do know that going out before the fact that you have not lived you life, no, you have not even lived through half of your life. So, what the fuck, it sure as fuck is to early to throw in the towel!

What the fuck!



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