Ugly boxes go bling bling

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Yes, well, I was in town today and thought I should wrap some presents in nice boxes. And to my (not so big) surprise, they are dull and boring and ugly. I went around looking and found the ugliest boxes, but they were the perfekt size, so I bought them and thought I can wrap them up in some brown paper I have got at home.




As you can see above I found something else re-wrap the boxes with. I had old wallpaper tests laying around soooo I used wallpaper. I just glued everything together and I mean look below, the new boxes are waaaay more pretty than the old ugly one!


And then I had two more boxes to re-decorate ^^





I used my phone to take the photos thereof the qutíte so bad quality in the pictures but you get what I mean anyhow, I hope ; )

A good way to end this day, and tomorrow I will be doing stuff I need to do : )

And ye, another hint! I will be sowing my own dress for new years eve as it seems ^^ and if I do I’ll share my(hopefull) progress!




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