Inside out: One day of Ophelia’s life

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This last week at the university I have been working with comics and made my own. Though I drew my comic from my Inside out universe : )





drdöd1SIGN    drdöd2SIGN



And this is the final version below, you might have to click it to get it larger to see the text : )

One day of Ophelias lifesize50

Enjoy ^^





Creative friends <3

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A while ago, like a year ago (?) more perhaps… I did a comission for a friend named Lilié. When I checked out her blog she had put on her wall next to her workspace, and it warms my heart to know she likes it!

You can see it in the two last pictures HERE.

She is one creative soul herself, you can find her on spotify if you search for Lilié Biskopsdotter. Below you can listen to her co-work with her friend Sofhia, cover on Dixie chicks – Not ready to make nice. (Sofhia sings first and then Lilié’s voice is heard second)

Enjoy, now back to studies for my part, time to continue with the comic-assignment ^^



An ordinary day at the hospital

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No, I have not been working at the hospital, though you may believe that from my title of this entry. No, I met up my youngest sister at the hospital. She phoned me at eleven this morning and since the ambulance had not yet come I sat down and had a nice breakfast with my boyfriend. Wen the clock struck half past twelve my bearded man drove to the emergency room and there I met up with my sister.

During the first hour I felt bad for her, she is still only sixteen and well I would never in my life call those kids for stable *haha* after the first hour had past I just felt like rocking in a corner and be home or well anywhere, but not at my sister side. No offence Liz you know I love you but you also know that when four hours had passed you went berserk in the car home, so congrats and I feel really good about the fact that you could hold your anger inside you in the emergency room ❤

Yes, four hours later and having got the message from my sister over and over that she is more important than other sick people I felt relieved to go home. Mom was nice enough going to Max and drive through to get us something to eat. That was also a small factor to my sister’s irritation. When her boyfriend called the ambulance this morning they told him she could not drink or eat in case of operation. so when she got food into her system at five pm she had not eaten or drunk for…almost 15 hours.

When she caled me she told me her whole foot was blue… and that she could not put it down and walk, there you go, dancing cannot be good for you 😉 when I got there her foot was not as blue…


But it turned bluier and redier by the time we were there and then she says…that her feet is ugly and stuff sooo I couldn’t resist to play around in photoshop a little to create …ugly feet?


She is home and safe and eventually they told us she had sprained her ankle…




Inside Out: Escape

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So, as it just happened I wanted to play around with my storyworld Inside out, and so I did. I was at my boyfriend yesterday, and whilst he was cleaning and making dinner I painted with water colour, he actually joined in too, but to sculpt some warhammer 40k modells.







This was really fun, and I also worked with approx. A4 size on this piece ^^ and below is the result. I out into photoshop and cleaned up the mess outside the boxes and added the title : )


I hope the result will suffice to enlarge to look at upclose is you wish so ^^



Bad patience and now the opposit

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I have been trying to paint water colour in bigger scale, still not larger than like an A4 size, but still…




Was at a few friends last week painting, and when it was finished it looked like this…


It is weird in the beginning I thought I there were so many quirks to water colour and now it feel easy and fun! Before I used to think that I have way to bad patience, but now it feels relaxing and it feel good ^^



Nostalgic in the middle of the night

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I watched these shows when I was a kid over and over on VHS with my sister. That was sweet times!

And then OFFCOURSE Sailor Moon swedish intro!


My hair is standing on my arms, this is allso damn good! ^^


Younger years

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Even I was a child once.

I remember when granma and I painted together with oil colours when I had not even started school, but  beyond too.



I found these up on the walls at my dad’s this weekend, I know grandma also has a few on the wall.

And what’s a bit funny is that I have recently read about the analysis of children’s drawings and such at the university, a little funny…. by the way, I will not share each week at the university as the last term, I will simply mention if it is school-related : )





Beginning of a lamp shade

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So I have begun my work with my new lamp shade I want to have in my livingroom. I always think the ones you buy are…boring..or…expensive, or at least if you want a unique one then it is expensive. And, I don’t do expensive or boring… I do hard labour to make my one…





In the first photo you can see a small sketch of how I am visualizing it ^^

A few times before when I have made a lamp shade I have begun in one or the other end of it, now I am starting on the middle so the pieces you see is the middle. From here I will be working myself upwards forst and then I will be working it downwards. I noticed something fun when I had put the middle together :3 see below and visualize with me…this will look great when it is finished and in place !




I have some more exciting plans for this lamp shade but I will reveal that later as it comes along : )

And ye btw it will be pretty big, like 55cm i diameter…. length …who knows ^^



Digital painting in progress: I’m a Jedi 2

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Here you can see the previous work done earlier today LINK

And here is as far I have come until I finished it : )

Namnlös work 1bSIGN

Namnlös work 2SIGN

Namnlös work 3SIGN

Ye perhaps not the best step by step but here you go, a few work in progress. When you are so into what you are doing you forget to take snapshots of your work !

I have not worked digitally for years so I am bit out of practice, though good to keep it up every now and then. So for all and everyone out there when I turn 26 in may I wish for a wacom intuos, just so you know. I coloured this with the mouse and it is not the ideal tool really and I don’t get any pressure sensitivity, ye I mentioned this in my last post too, but still.

Below you can see the final result up close : )