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My boyfriend really inspire me. Yes, artists express themselves in the only way they know…through the art…right?

No biggie at all *hihi*. I have spoken of pizza for a while know, I have been craving for pizza(still havn’t had one), and then he eats pizza without me, so I thought what would he never want to miss for the world… he love sweets and pastries… my thought..I eat all the pastries on my own ; ) (in the picture that is)

Note. He made me a really nice dinner later ❤

Note 2. I want to make him cupcakes ^^


I have also been working a bit on other drawings and concept drawings…


The girl is Ophelia and the dude is Dr. Death… he is a new character to my story-project, he lives across the street from Ophelia’s grandparents and is haughty and a know-it-all… kind of…still working on the charcter a bit so bare with me : )

I have been doing more drawings you can search through my deviantart gallery HERE

There you can browse through different folders and see my new drawings and concept sketches for Inside out : )




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