Beginning of a lamp shade

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So I have begun my work with my new lamp shade I want to have in my livingroom. I always think the ones you buy are…boring..or…expensive, or at least if you want a unique one then it is expensive. And, I don’t do expensive or boring… I do hard labour to make my one…





In the first photo you can see a small sketch of how I am visualizing it ^^

A few times before when I have made a lamp shade I have begun in one or the other end of it, now I am starting on the middle so the pieces you see is the middle. From here I will be working myself upwards forst and then I will be working it downwards. I noticed something fun when I had put the middle together :3 see below and visualize with me…this will look great when it is finished and in place !




I have some more exciting plans for this lamp shade but I will reveal that later as it comes along : )

And ye btw it will be pretty big, like 55cm i diameter…. length …who knows ^^




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