It is a beginning

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Today I decided I wanted to write. I thought lets begin writing on my childrens story. And then I began. The thing is it went awesome when I tried to do some kind of storyline, and then when I started to write I kind of listen to some instrumental dark music and then my descriptions went balistic and I ended up writing about death, blood and sickness. As you can see, this might not be the best point of view if I want to write a childrens book. Then I wrote on my facebook:

“I am writing.

It is the story of the forgotten kingdom.

It is a start.

I want to give you the stabbing feeling in you chest, in your heart when you read this later, you shall feel the same anxiety my little star is feeling, Death who is always ready to knock on your door. I want you to shed a tear when you have read this and catch every day and care for your loved ones.

In this writing moment I build a whole world, and I am far from done. But it a beginning.”

What I really mean by writing this is offcourse that I want to move you as readers, I want to make you feel all the emotions. I got stuck anyhow, so I went for a run.

Now I am back safe in my home and I come to think of another story I have had in mind, which I have not been able to write because I have not found words for it yet, but perhaps I have something else. Perhaps I want to be able to write about all the things in the world, perhaps I cannot tie myself down to childrens books in this case. Perhaps I need to write freely. Though I really do want to illustrate and write my own childrens book too, but I think I have somehitng else in mind in that department.


As I wrote on facebook: It is a beginning.



Am I good enough?

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I while ago I started listening to a special podcast episode, I did not have the time to finish it so I listened to it all today. It went on about the question: Am I Good Enough? the question we all ask ourselves every now and then. I ask myself almost daily. I have also spoken to a friend about these kind of things. What happens when our education is finished? what will we be doing? what do we want to accomplish? do we have goals? are we simply good enough?

Before taking up this question on a walk a while ago we both thought we were alone thinking these things, we were so wrong.


If you want to hear a really good podcast about this subject well here you go PODCAST


These last days I have felt drained when it comes to creating. And today it kind of hit me. I have ideas, but why won’t I just create? I think I feel like I am standing still in my development right now. So for a while I will probably go back to the basics.  What kicked this feeling to motion is probably the really generous lending of a few books about ‘Pettson and Findus’ and the illustrations Sven Nordqvist have made. I guess I feel like I want to evolve my own style a bit more, move forward and become better at facial expressions, flowers, creatures, and so on. I want to be good too, and one day I might be if I keep up the work and take a risk or two and get out there.


Have a good week!


Starting writing your story

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I have begun writing a story. It is partly based on me, my surroundings and people I met and hanged out with. I am not sure what it will end up as, but for now I will just try to put together a storyline or something which makes sense. If I really want to do this, I have to start somewhere. Though I am a bit freaked out that another story I thought of writing a few years back is kind of trying to sneak into this story. That I don’t like, since it is two totally different stories, I don’t want them to blend. I wouldn’t say I am a pro at writing stuff, perhaps I should keep to my illustrations and just become a badass at that, but I have ideas that need to be written, so I got to do something to get it out of my head.

I am currently trying to work out something solid for my story ‘Inside out’ about Ophelia.

IMG17_0001small Oph SIGN

I collect many things from my past and as I somewhat make it into a few collected memories almost. Whenever I pull this off it will be for my grandma ❤


Time to sleep, university and a few ton of reading to do this coming week. Perhaps I’ll put up an illustration or two  during the week. Night!



New header

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My first try:


But I figured I wasn’t much for huge dresses personally, and if I want the header of the blog to kind of(?) reflect my self then I was way off..

And then  did somehting which ended up as test paper for colours…

And then the last version…


I have a friend on skype right now, she complaints that she cannot even see the whole picture on her mac buuuut, I don’t care ^____^

I might change the header a bit more often, but I will let this be for a few months at least : )




Knowing a stepping stone when you make one

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Finding the things that inspire you.

I have one or two things that inspire me, probably more than two…

I was with my boyfriend at the grocery store the other day and when we were heading for the cashier we just couldn’t help but take a look at some books that were lying around. And there, I found two books, which I adopted. Two children books, but what I laid more focus on was the pictures, the illustrations. In one of them there were two short stories which John Bauer had illustrated, there were a few more illustrators in that book too. Anywho, I read one or two stories and then decided to paint a picture with water colours. I really like the hours when my boyfriend and I sit in his kitchen creating stuff together ❤

The picture then, well… I like parts of it, though it feels a bit schizophreniac. It is as if I have taken my usual style and merged it with something that could be a progress in my style and well anyone can see I have been influenced by John Bauer. Though some parts feels good too, this simply feels like a stepping stone so to say. My character Ophelia and her grandma’s dog is walking through the woods…


Feel free to point out what’s good and bad in this picture, it could really help me when I do my next water colour painting : )




A creative afternoon

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When the clock struck 3pm I hit over to a friend of mine, where we played with her kids and came up with good ideas and stuff like that. Thanks Sandra for a great afternoon and evening!






And then I started to think about my header here on my blog. I do like it but I want more colour, so I started to sketch and paint a first draft of it…..



I will probably try it at least once more before the final decision!

The other paintings I made today can be found in my portfolio under illustrations – colour : )

Quick link to my PORTFOLIO



Illustration job

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I got an illustration job last week, kind of a rush job, that was supposed to finished last night. A friend asked me if I could illustrate a text she had written for an association that do live role playing. So here they are! ^____^



If I remember right it was a fantasy medieval time where peace had come,or…?