Presentation Process Self-portrait


Finally, today I had my presentation of my enormous self-portrait.

I made a few small portraits to warm up for the big one you can them HERE

And then the beginning! It all started at the university up north.

IMG_6662SS IMG_6664SS IMG_6666SS IMG_6667SS IMG_6672SS IMG_6673SIGnsize IMG_6684SIGNsize

And now I had to pack it up into a flat package and bring with me when I went home. Well, at home I continued…this happened during a day!

IMG_6708SIGNsize IMG_6709SIGNsize IMG_6711SIGNsize IMG_6715SIGNsize IMG_6722SIGNsize IMG_6729SIGnsize IMG_6733SIGNsize IMG_6734SIGNsize IMG_6736SIGNsize IMG_6741SIGNsize IMG_6745SIGNsize IMG_1870SIGNsize IMG_1871SIGNsize IMG_1873SIGNsize IMG_1874SIGNsize

Yes! The first thing I did was just paint the whole thing over….and I did that a few times, until I ended up with the last painting in the row…by now I wanted to rip it all apart and well pee on it? or something *haha* Then I figured that after painting it over so many tiems with acrylic I had got a very plastic surface so I decided to start over. I had brought extra material home with me just in case, so I started over the next day on a clean surface!

IMG_6746SIGNsize IMG_6750SIGNsize


Now I had something to show when meeting my peers and teacher the morning after to get guidance…After this meeting I knew I work to fast without thinking, no thinking meant painting it over eventually… I also knew I can lay it up quite fast and skillfully. I did not only get bad stuff about, mostly good actually. We also spoke about how I in my smaller portraits worked with bigger areas of colour now worked it out in more detail…. From here my portrait continued to what would be my finished portrait, no more whiplash-painting-it-all-over-scenarios *Hehe*

IMG_6766SS IMG_6776SS

In the final stage of my painting I did not take as many photos, I was kind of into my painting. I took more pauses to reflect over my portrait and found tons of wrongs… and in the end this was my final painting I presented today.


I have got some useful tips on how I can make it better, and I am not sure whether it is finished or not. The eye is to far out, I could add some shine in the hair where the light hits, there are still much to be done if I want to…. I might consider the hints I have got today and think, reflect and stand glowering at the painting, and just take it all in…..

If you want to comment/give feed back, do it! : )



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