Knowing a stepping stone when you make one

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Finding the things that inspire you.

I have one or two things that inspire me, probably more than two…

I was with my boyfriend at the grocery store the other day and when we were heading for the cashier we just couldn’t help but take a look at some books that were lying around. And there, I found two books, which I adopted. Two children books, but what I laid more focus on was the pictures, the illustrations. In one of them there were two short stories which John Bauer had illustrated, there were a few more illustrators in that book too. Anywho, I read one or two stories and then decided to paint a picture with water colours. I really like the hours when my boyfriend and I sit in his kitchen creating stuff together ❤

The picture then, well… I like parts of it, though it feels a bit schizophreniac. It is as if I have taken my usual style and merged it with something that could be a progress in my style and well anyone can see I have been influenced by John Bauer. Though some parts feels good too, this simply feels like a stepping stone so to say. My character Ophelia and her grandma’s dog is walking through the woods…


Feel free to point out what’s good and bad in this picture, it could really help me when I do my next water colour painting : )





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