Am I good enough?

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I while ago I started listening to a special podcast episode, I did not have the time to finish it so I listened to it all today. It went on about the question: Am I Good Enough? the question we all ask ourselves every now and then. I ask myself almost daily. I have also spoken to a friend about these kind of things. What happens when our education is finished? what will we be doing? what do we want to accomplish? do we have goals? are we simply good enough?

Before taking up this question on a walk a while ago we both thought we were alone thinking these things, we were so wrong.


If you want to hear a really good podcast about this subject well here you go PODCAST


These last days I have felt drained when it comes to creating. And today it kind of hit me. I have ideas, but why won’t I just create? I think I feel like I am standing still in my development right now. So for a while I will probably go back to the basics.  What kicked this feeling to motion is probably the really generous lending of a few books about ‘Pettson and Findus’ and the illustrations Sven Nordqvist have made. I guess I feel like I want to evolve my own style a bit more, move forward and become better at facial expressions, flowers, creatures, and so on. I want to be good too, and one day I might be if I keep up the work and take a risk or two and get out there.


Have a good week!



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