It is a beginning

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Today I decided I wanted to write. I thought lets begin writing on my childrens story. And then I began. The thing is it went awesome when I tried to do some kind of storyline, and then when I started to write I kind of listen to some instrumental dark music and then my descriptions went balistic and I ended up writing about death, blood and sickness. As you can see, this might not be the best point of view if I want to write a childrens book. Then I wrote on my facebook:

“I am writing.

It is the story of the forgotten kingdom.

It is a start.

I want to give you the stabbing feeling in you chest, in your heart when you read this later, you shall feel the same anxiety my little star is feeling, Death who is always ready to knock on your door. I want you to shed a tear when you have read this and catch every day and care for your loved ones.

In this writing moment I build a whole world, and I am far from done. But it a beginning.”

What I really mean by writing this is offcourse that I want to move you as readers, I want to make you feel all the emotions. I got stuck anyhow, so I went for a run.

Now I am back safe in my home and I come to think of another story I have had in mind, which I have not been able to write because I have not found words for it yet, but perhaps I have something else. Perhaps I want to be able to write about all the things in the world, perhaps I cannot tie myself down to childrens books in this case. Perhaps I need to write freely. Though I really do want to illustrate and write my own childrens book too, but I think I have somehitng else in mind in that department.


As I wrote on facebook: It is a beginning.



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