Mom was in Thailand

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And now she’s home.

I went to visit her with that bearded  handsome boyfriend of mine and all of a sudden(not so sudden) she has gifts for us ^^

I got two shawls, a small elephant and a bag and my boyfriend got lots and lots of incense ^^





Thanks Mommy ^^





Stage: Getting down to business

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It is like a puzzle. This week my pieces are studies, coffee with friends, creativity, working out, coffee with my boyfriend, and today I also started to do a job I got about two weeks ago. I am getting down to business, and tomorrow is an early day, my day starts at 5 am.









Cupcakes to every meal

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This weekend I went to see a friend outside the capitol in Sweden, her name is Lilié and here you can view her swedish blog!

I took my opportunity to relax between two courses at the university, those few rare moments when you have no homework to do, and to just relax in good company. Sunlight, cows, late night films, cupcakes, walks, lazy mornings and a 2 hour loong breakfast. Really nice and by the look of it we both deserved it! ^___^

We also took a stroll around our old school, as you will see in the third picture. We found our old classroom, and found that they still had the same chairs and that we graduated here ten years ago did not make us younger in mind rather the opposite. But we also kind of thought that this chapter is over and done with, we have come so much further than when we had 11 years ago, this is our first time back at the school since…












And yes we ate lots of cupcakes I even think we ate at least one to every meal practically, and yes they were really nice, this woman knows how to do it! : D ❤

Thanks for having me! ❤


Hanging, but not finished just yet

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My lampshade I started on a while back, remember?


It is kind of hanging now, though, I have a few pieces left to do before it is done. I just thought it would be easier to continue while it is hanging : )




I still have the bottom left to make. I don’t think that will take as long as it did me to puzzle the top together though I have a few ongoing projects so therefore it might be another while…. but since it is hanging in the middle of my studio I will go past it all the time to be reminded to finish it! ; )


The mystical bucket of clay

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You might go around wondering what “Stage:Ideas” was all about…?! Well I will keep a few secrets for now, but I promise this will be fun as hell!

Anywho some days you kind of feel the urge to just catch the day, today was one of those days. I knew I was going to talk about my small essay at 2pm, and since I knew I would get comments from the teacher I thought I will hold up my work for the time being. A friend came over and we just had coffee and spoke about life in general and where we will end up, as usual. After we decided I would help her with a few questions tomorrow morning at 7.30am we waved good bye and I took care of the mystical bucket of clay I got from my dad last year.

Last time my sister picked some clay at the summer house in Finland and gave it to me. I really worked this clay and I got some really nice results. So then my dad thought he would bring me some clay too and so I got this huge bucket, like 10 litre bucket and says that I can make something out of this, and that he would really like to have something made out of this clay, perhaps some middle large basin of some kind. Though what I think he forgot is that I do not really have the same opportunity as my last time working this clay since I at the time went to the art school, and now…I am working from home. Though nothing is impossible!!

Even though I didn’t have all the right tools I gave it a try, my primary goal is to get this clay as firm so that I can knead it properly.






At the art school we usually laid the clay on plaster to get out the water, but I used some wooden boards instead. Over the night I will pull something over this like a paper bag or something, it still needs to get drier before I can work it. And ye, by the way, this clay is taken from the bottom of a bay where the water is brackish. I am not sure whether this has an effect on the clay but anywho this clay turns red when you burn it : ) I think I need to buy some fine sand and knead it together, the clay is quite “fat”.

Now, early rising tomorrow, night!

(And yes dad , if you read this, you will get your basin, size(?), well we will se what I can do)


Writing about manga 2

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Here is my first post about this work: Writing about manga


When I think about where I started I think I have gone through a huge process, though when I rethink the time I have to write this… I think  I’m mostly an idiot who cannot decide what and how I want to write…. my initial thought has blown away, though I am writing within the same genre. During the week I was supposed to start writing for real I have just been going back and forth about what I want to write about and this is what I came up with.



What’s distinctive between these two are the release date. Sailor moon 1992, Negima 2003. I will kind of make a comparison with a gender perspective and put that in relation to the years between. It sounds all fluffy right now and it probably is a bit fluffy, but I think I can make it work if I try to be straight about it. What’s hard is to do the selection of pages to use from the mangas…. I handed in so far I’ve come a few minutes ago and tomorrow I have a meeting with my supervisor.