Shrove Tuesday with pearls

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And I also heard it was the day of the pancakes but I stuck to the cream buns, in swedish you say ‘semla’ I not sure of the perfect translation to english but I had two today ^^

I also happened to drop by to make pearl plates!








And the funny thing was…. before I met up with my boyfriend and some friends we thought that we would split kind of equally, he bought three and I bought two. Now we had five, we knew we would be at least five and we didn’t know if anyone else would bring any. And when we get there our friend from the north comes later, with additionally six cream buns. And then another friend turns up, and she has brought ten cream buns. As it happened we were more than five so we kind of got rid of it though everyone had to eat like two each at least! In the end anyway we had TWENTYONE cream buns ! ! !


Now back to my studies for a few more hours and then bed and up early(in my opinion) to continue study. And everyone going up earlier than in the morning, you are actually rising in the late night ; )




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