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And now comes some real process pictures, in the end of this post you can see a few almost finished paintings, though those are not the final pictures of my wallpainting.

My client knew what she wanted and I made it happen, easily as that. She wanted trees and she wanted cherry-like flowers in it : )

Before starting out I had a few thoughts about how I would start out my trees, how would I sketch it up properly? should I sketch it up? In the end I did no such thing as sketching anything up with a pencil or anything. The thing about graphite is that it smudges easily and since my client’s walls is white it would look really nasty if it smudged. And charcoal…well it smudges too easily. So below you can see my solution to my thoughts of a sketch. I used masking tape to get my idea on the wall! It worked perfectly, I could move them around and ye this was a nice way of working.



And then I started to paint it all…




Below you see the first afternoon I worked with this, and below follows the three additional days it took to finish it.












This have been really fun to make! I have been working in odd positions and I have been climbing and drunk coffee and worked long day but all in all it was all worth it. And the best part is that my client is really happy about the result and her co-workers too, that warms my heart the most!

I will upload the final resut in the coming days, but if you want to see it for yourself you can swing by my client for coffee and something sweet. My client was Lotta’s konditori och bageri (in eng: Lotta’s patisserie and bakery). Directions and photos from their coffee place can be found on their facebook page, HERE. Below are pictures from their outpost.



Have a nice day!






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