To put pen to paper

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Here you can see my experiment with different materials, in my last post I showed you all a process picture so I thought I would be nice and show you how it turned out. I have also let a few quick sketches slip out from my mind.



I have also started with the first illustration to my childrens’ book, and for now I will let it rest and keep on going and then perhaps go back to it : ) and below you can see a part of a bigger piece.


So this is just a part of a larger picture. Today I was supposed to paint all day long, but I kind of put large pressure on myself and then it I can’t do anything, I want it to be good right away and then I just don’t put pen to paper, because if I don’t then it can’t get wrong. And yes, it all sounds very silly, so I better get to it now!  ^__^




In the process a day of rest

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This is a few days old process picture.

Today I had big plans, but I hit the wall and ended up curled up to a ball in bed watching films, but I suppose those days are okey when you rarely have them.

My week will be all about illustrations….so jump into it tomorrow again!



Continuation of experiments

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The experiments continue, I think I’ll do two more or perhaps 3…in different materials…and then I need to continue with the actual storyline, my boyfriend helped me a great lot today over coffee ❤


It feels kind of good so far, have a nice week end ^___^




What happened to the painting?

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Well one thing led to another and we ended up at a couples’ dinner and then the weekend just came crushing down and there was no such thing as painting….

So instead of the painting I’ll show you one of my material experiments I did yesterday connected to my project.


Have a nice week!



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I better do this as I do every year…. My dad called me a few days back and was like… where are your wish-list, you always make one and send me, and I was like..oh damn I forgot….so here it goes, he got i sent to him and now my mom can see it too…. I keep my fingers crossed they coordinate a new phone…my dear Iphone 3Gs is starting to detoriate qoute bad : ( It has served me well ❤



Start of a project

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1797630_10152426188636285_8656603835821322577_nSIGN IMG17_0001small Oph SIGN

I have decided to make a childrens book.

This is part of a free project at the university to deepen my artistic skills, so this will happen through research and experiments with materials and so on and so forth. To be abe to focus I will not be posting much about this : ) though in time I will show you the result!

But I am doing stuff all the time so the blog will not go resting in a corner, for example, today I am painting with my boyfriend, update tomorrow afternoon. Have a nice weekend ^____^


Presentation collection: mystics in the darkness

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IMG_2664SIGNsize IMG_2668SIGNsize IMG_2699SIGNsize IMG_2715SIGNsize IMG_2713SIGNsize


IMG_2593SIGNsize IMG_2538SIGNsize


”Preserve secrets”

Usage: Jar for secrets

Material: Raku ceramics

Approx: 15×9 cm


IMG_2640SIGNsize IMG_2546SIGNsize IMG_2549SIGNsize

Boxes for incense


Usage: Box for incense

Material: Raku ceramics

Approx: 8×6 cm


IMG_2572SIGNsize IMG_2573SIGNsize IMG_2574SIGNsize IMG_2575SIGNsize IMG_2576SIGNsize IMG_2577SIGNsize


”Embraced light”

Usage: Lantern for candles

Material: Raku ceramics

Approx: 15×7 cm


IMG_2748fixSIGNsize IMG_2610SIGNsize



Approx: 65×65 cm





This is how I presented my collection, hope you like it : )


Waiting for the dark

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Tomorrow is the day of the presentation of my collection.

I have been exhausted since I got back from the university in the north and took some time to just chill out : )

After tomorrow I will put together the final final stuff for the world to see but until then a “few” progress photos and some ideas.

IMG17_0006fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0005sizeSIGN IMG17_0013sizeSIGN IMG17_0007fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0014sizeSIGN IMG17_0016fixsizeSIGN


tygtryck experiment 1cSIGNsize


IMG_7217ss IMG_7219ss IMG_7222ss IMG_7225ss IMG_7232ss IMG_7233ss IMG_7246ss IMG_2603ss IMG_2523ss IMG_2618ss

Sure enough the two last pictures look well in context…but that is not how I will be presenting my stuff. ~Imagine a story in the middle of the night. in the grass, flowers and leafs something is moving, smoke is forming like fog. Out of the greenery comes creatures hiding in the dark. ~ Ye, somehting like that, that is how I will present my collection ^^ And ye, it sounds kind of fluffy but this will be great, I hope. But to do this I need darkness…. so waiting for the sun to actually set and for the night to come.

And offcourse I had to go burn myself on the iron when setting the colour to the fabric -____-


That was freakin’ over a week ago and I still have crust left…. if I say it is a battlescar and I won it will sound awesome, lets stick with that story : D

Time to take a few photos and cross my fingers they turn out good!