Presentation collection: mystics in the darkness

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IMG_2664SIGNsize IMG_2668SIGNsize IMG_2699SIGNsize IMG_2715SIGNsize IMG_2713SIGNsize


IMG_2593SIGNsize IMG_2538SIGNsize


”Preserve secrets”

Usage: Jar for secrets

Material: Raku ceramics

Approx: 15×9 cm


IMG_2640SIGNsize IMG_2546SIGNsize IMG_2549SIGNsize

Boxes for incense


Usage: Box for incense

Material: Raku ceramics

Approx: 8×6 cm


IMG_2572SIGNsize IMG_2573SIGNsize IMG_2574SIGNsize IMG_2575SIGNsize IMG_2576SIGNsize IMG_2577SIGNsize


”Embraced light”

Usage: Lantern for candles

Material: Raku ceramics

Approx: 15×7 cm


IMG_2748fixSIGNsize IMG_2610SIGNsize



Approx: 65×65 cm





This is how I presented my collection, hope you like it : )



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