The start of a creative summer?

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A while back I made a few bowls from some clay my dad dug up in finland from the bottom of the sea shore. I had some left and made a few more, the same way as before. The clay will turn red when it has been burned, until then it will be blue and grey. This time I found my stamps too so I have been experimenting with them to make patterns.








In this last picture you can see one of the dried up ones, I still have not burned them, I need to find an oven, I think a friend of mine has one so, this project will probably take a while until it is all done. And until then I will just make sure my new dries up properly with not all to many cracks and then just be patient : )

The last couple of days it is as if I have just been catching up with my own lazy time, but in general I like having stuff to do, sooo…. time to get going with my creative summer ^__^ what are your projects for the summer? : )




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