The summer world order

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Ye, during my summers the world order changes a bit. I go from studying to working nights in elderly care. I go from rising early around 7-8 am in the morning to not rise before 10 am from bed ( today I went up at 11.30 am). Though, I go to bed the same time as I usually do….in the middle of the night, *hehe*

Illustrations are in the making, though during summers I make room for other stuff too, like gaming. I know that if I game during my terms I would never get something done, you know 1 hour(as it feels like)=10 hours(real time) soooo….but if you want some company killing zombie-monkeys in maplestory, let me know ^^

I am also more outside doing stuff ^^


And with that, have  a nice summer! and stuff will appear here as it comes along ^^

Below are a few pictures from my midsummer eve!

My work was to make one of the loops with flowers aaaand my lovely boyfriend picked some flowers and looks all goofy ❤ and then well…lots of music and dancing and food and really nice people ^____^













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