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First. Even though my couch is starting to get really worn I still love it because it is so sturdy so I can put a cup of coffee on it without it falling over. Boobs works well too if you want to relax your mug of coffee somewhere close ^^


Second. So I have been thinking and came up with lots of ideas.

If I put my kitchen table (which is being used as a work space in the kitchen) in my small studio instead (still used as a work space), then I would get the excuse to get myself a new fine kitchen table whch would have no holes in it nor paint on it….besides since I will be renovating my kitchen a little to the fall then perhaps a new table would be quite nice….

I am also thinking about what…how I want to use my small studio here at home…. and how I should…can…manage allt his online… I mean I do have the blog, and will absolutely be here tomorrow too, but I need to think about the portfolio-section, though I have a few ideas there as well….

I have so many more ideas…. so I think I’ll just show you as it all comes along! Tomorrow I will be going to a market where local artists are selling their stuff and next week I am going to have a meeting with a childrens book illustrator… and and in between anything can happen… posted here *hihi*


Have a nice upcoming weekend!

Now time to prepare for work…one night and then two nights off! : )






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As you might have taken notice of, not as frequent updates during the summer. But I do have a few projects going on. I will continue to update more frequently as summer is coming to an end. but who knows until then something new might pop up : )



Creative day

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Well haven’t I been laying off lately…? Well naaaah not really… I mentioned before that I am working nights at an elderly home and sleep all days long, but during my nights I have had a few moments to draw…

…these drawings have turned into paintings today! and a few is still in the progress : )

I had my friend Hobbe over for lunch and some creative~ness

IMG_9698 IMG_9699

We both chose watercolours, since we both like it and then we just put brush to paper!

Have have been working on this one….


And then Hobbe told me something clever…. “why not make something unexpected [colour-wise]” “like make the background red…” well I did not make a red background but I did a purple…but I think next time I’ll try red! : D

I have been really bad at taking photos from my day…soo no more process pictures…here is the result!


Feel free to give me comments on it, suggestions, and so on, hints I can take with me into future paintings with watercolour : )


My day continued in a cellar somewhere in the town I live with my lovely bearded man and a friend ^^





(Yes, a self-portrait above, how I look while going home from work all tired in the morning)

And a few still being worked on…




It is nice to be off work every once in a while to catch up ; )

Next week: A little trip to where winter is coming !





Source of inspiration

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In the same day a few friends hinted me about some links where great art can be found!

Follow the link by clicking on the picture.



Above you will come to an artist who uses windowglass to make exceptional sculptures, his name is Ben Young.



Above you will come to an artist who make simple but imaginative illustrations, his name is Goro Fujita.


I will definitly find inspiration from these artists!

And then one of my friends found this music video, which he thought reminded him of my illustrations ^^




Warm inside <3

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In one week I have been free from work ONE night! and now I am off two nights and I feel so damn happy! Let me tell you all about my day and what to come.

I got home at 7am, went straight to bed and slept until 1pm when moments after my boyfriend came over and then one hour later a few friends came over and we went to a forest and there we were to find a hidden path leading to a hidden place at a lake in the middle of the woods. The sun was shining and right before we head off to the woods we bought cake. My boyfriend and I sat at the shore, no way in hell we would dip our bodies in the freezing water though the other two did, crazy lovely wonderful fucks ❤ The sunbathing continued and we just spoke of random things and life and then we rode back to town.

From there my boyfriend and I headed out for dinner at this thai place down town and we got the seats right next to the aquarium with funny fishes in it, that happy-face on my boyfriend, priceless ❤ and then moving on to the cinema watching:


Let me say this, the first movie moved me to tears, joy and I loved it and just…. felt arm inside they made it perfect with settings and character, story and music and moving my heart. The second movie………………………


………………..I am …..I have no…. wow….


….YES, it blew my mind! scenery, setting, characters, music, expressions, feelings, laughs, love…..I sat beside my boyrfriend hugging his arm, tugging it, patting it and leaning on him and yes at one moment in the movie you want to cry a little…BUT when I really started to feel that the tears was coming (and a few did) was when the texts were coming in the end… in the background they were showing breathtaking concept art! THEY    WERE    BREATHTAKING   !!!! wow and I feel so inspired, so even though the clock is ticking midnight soon and I will be rising quite early tomorrow I feel the urge to paint, NOW!!! and I do have a few skteches to continue with, I manage to make quite a few at work during nights if the elderly are sleeping : ) but perhaps I will…. make a few more sketches… yes I think so…. I want to have more hours this day before bedtime ❤


Here below you can find two HTTP links to spotify with two of the songs from the film! the thing is that I so very much link the MUSIC with the ART in the movie and it so moves my heart, makes me all jumpy and right now I have so much energy! (that probaly shows throughout this text)

Where no one goes – Jonsi, John Powell

Into a fantasy – Alexander Rybak


And what to come. A whole day with my grandmother and family in the countryside tomrrow and barbeque in the evening and when sunday comes I will be…. yes we will see…. since I will be going to work sunday night I suppose I will paint…. but it seems I need to buy underwear too so… in a few days I hope to show you all some work from this last week, I just want to finish them.


Have a GREAT weekend!