Clever thought

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My boyfriend told me something clever; That he most of the times paint for his own sake. Not for for an exhibition or someone else, or a request, just for his own sake, because he wants to.

He usually have good….reasonable….thoughts to share… and somehow they feel a bit new to me which usually means a lightbulb is shining bright above my head. Silly? yes, that’s me.

I have put down hours on a painting, far from finished, though it feels really nice to paint again! I have tried on a different way of working… I’ll reveal it all later, time to sleep need to catch the bus for a lecture tomorrow!




Feeling out of place

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Today was a big day for me. School started today. I have during my studies to become a teacher always studied as a distance-student, I have created my life around this and I have really liked it. But today I am officially a campus-student for a whole term on the university housing in my town and the one next to it. Change…..

I was quite nervous, but my problem is that when I get nervous I try to relax a bit extra to not be tense and I feel more relaxed than when I am relaxed so I feel all light-headed….. weird I know… well I got on the bus and found the classroom and they called my name, I was there and it felt…. fine…. I still don’t know what to expect really, but it will probably feel a bit better later this week.

I went over to a friend to drink coffee after school, he feels like I am judging my classmates way to fast and my friend on the bus home said I sound a bit bitter… but then I take my time to just try to explain myself. I found that what I am opposing is the simple fact of change really…. I mean I have built up my life around flexibility, as a distance-student I have not really felt like a student, nor have I missed it. I am not really the type to be drunk the first two weeks and party non stop and miss out on school, the main reason I study on the university is to become something. I have finished my teachers degree when summer starts next time and I have started to feel like a “grown up”, like my life is finally starting, school is soon over…. and I am growing out of the whole student thing… and as I did not feel like a student from the beginning it feels like a natural step…. and then when I have one year left I throw myself into this maze and rollercoaster of student life… and that is why I feel out of place… I have gone around preparing to be finished, trying to put my mind into the fact that in one year I will be a teacher for real and that has scared the hell out of me, and when it feels like I starting to land I….just….

Well… I will be doing this course and I think the actual course will be fun! so here it goes… I better jump on the rollercoaster I built and ride it to the very end!


But right this moment….it feels good to be home!


A few good news might be coming my way…update when it is set in stone! ; )


MAGU – event: making a new banner

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I entered a group on facebook for manga and anime enthusiasts a while ago. Then a few thought the banner of the group was boring with only male characters, so a small event popped up: Creating a banner for MAGU. MAGU is the name of the group and it stands for “Manga & Anime Geeks Unite”. We decided that everyone in the group could make a character of their own choice and then that we would put it all together into one banner of manga/anime characters. Do you remember my favorite anime?


I have been working on this woman! Tokiha Mai from Mai-Hime.

Here is an earlier post from 2012 with the youtube clip of the opening ❤

I tried a few different poses and used google as my best friend and reference…. and I must say I don’t think I have tried to make fanart since upper secondary school (like ten years ago) so here it goes.



IMG17MAGU-banner copySIGN

YEeeeeaaah, hm, well …… since I have been working in photoshop since I scanned the drawin and only with a pc-mouse and no wacom… I suppose… Hopefully you can at least see a little resemblance….

And I suppose this is as much practise as anything else, thumbs up for those who know how to do this stuff and make it look amazing !!

I’ll show you the result when it is all finished, people still have until the last of august to come up with their contribution : )

Facebook group: MAGU (swedish run facebook group)




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I went on an adventure these past few days.

1381248_10152633914951285_5946200663085740603_nSIGN 10612839_10152635950916285_8547083464238182144_nSIGN

1017479_10152637255276285_557996506750928471_nSIGN 10606321_10152638353381285_9011586917118496840_nSIGN

10561526_10152639664496285_3790180954625497920_nSIGN 1795735_10152641403801285_2456878602896104864_nSIGN


I went to my grandma who aren’t getting any younger, so I thought if she can’t climb my stairs to the apartment I can climb her stairs to her house up north, so I did!

A while back I had these really nasty small bugs in my flour and grains, nasty stuff it crept all under my skin after I cleaned it. So I thought, my grandma has lots of stuff perhaps she has got a few jars I can have or borrow, and she had. Know I can put in jars with lids, less probability they will nest in my flour again! The jar to the right is from 1983 and the small one in the front is form the 50’s, old stuff! ❤

My grandma is also a badass at drying apples so she gave me a box of it ❤

During my week I have visited an old friend from childhood, we did as we usually do…speak about everything between heaven and earth for hours, and when we say goodbye we could easily continue for hours more. I also went my godmother who was learning one of her sisters kids to ride the bicycle when I drove up to her house. I went by for lunch and hug her and her family and wow, the kids, they are five cousins but sound like thirty. Will probably go back before christmas, because guess what, I am making the gingerbread house as almost tradition! Somehow I managed to promise to make the castle from the Disney’s Frozen, the one Elsa build in the mountains….

In the afternoon yesterday I got a few hours by myself… chocolate and a film, perfect!

And today I went home : )

An since granma and grandpa was going to Mom they figured they could drive me home. Though we went by my Mom first for coffee and cuddling with the animals ❤

My childhood friend has a ragdoll cat, which I seem to not be allergic to, amAAzing! ❤ and then I get to my Mom…. and my nose starts to tickle and feel funny at once….. damn those cute cuddly animals ❤

So many “have to do’s” are spinning in my head…but believe when I say so many “want to do’s” are spinning too ; )


Tattoo projects

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My sister wanted to tatto an owl… so I made a few for her to choose from…I wonder which one she will choose…



And then another friend of mine asks if I can make a tattoo for him….he send me pictures of his dog..first thought: I cannot draw dogs!

I told him I could.

So I tried, I mean I can always get better, right?


And here… I started over.


I will manage the last things in photoshop, it would be a drag to accidently destroy the original drawing!

But yes I have a few more things to adress, and since the customer is visiting me on saturday then that is my goal-deadline for this piece.


I hope to show you how the tattoos will look on the skin later on : )

(By the way I am planning a  new tattoo)




New header in the making

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Not many night shifts left now, two more nights. I have been thinking of updating my header for a while now, so I took the opportunity to sketch when the old people were sleeping last night.

IMG17_0002 2fix size SIGN

Remember last time I changed my header, a few sketches were made so this might not be the one in the end, but it feels nice to put pen to paper : )