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I went on an adventure these past few days.

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I went to my grandma who aren’t getting any younger, so I thought if she can’t climb my stairs to the apartment I can climb her stairs to her house up north, so I did!

A while back I had these really nasty small bugs in my flour and grains, nasty stuff it crept all under my skin after I cleaned it. So I thought, my grandma has lots of stuff perhaps she has got a few jars I can have or borrow, and she had. Know I can put in jars with lids, less probability they will nest in my flour again! The jar to the right is from 1983 and the small one in the front is form the 50’s, old stuff! ❤

My grandma is also a badass at drying apples so she gave me a box of it ❤

During my week I have visited an old friend from childhood, we did as we usually do…speak about everything between heaven and earth for hours, and when we say goodbye we could easily continue for hours more. I also went my godmother who was learning one of her sisters kids to ride the bicycle when I drove up to her house. I went by for lunch and hug her and her family and wow, the kids, they are five cousins but sound like thirty. Will probably go back before christmas, because guess what, I am making the gingerbread house as almost tradition! Somehow I managed to promise to make the castle from the Disney’s Frozen, the one Elsa build in the mountains….

In the afternoon yesterday I got a few hours by myself… chocolate and a film, perfect!

And today I went home : )

An since granma and grandpa was going to Mom they figured they could drive me home. Though we went by my Mom first for coffee and cuddling with the animals ❤

My childhood friend has a ragdoll cat, which I seem to not be allergic to, amAAzing! ❤ and then I get to my Mom…. and my nose starts to tickle and feel funny at once….. damn those cute cuddly animals ❤

So many “have to do’s” are spinning in my head…but believe when I say so many “want to do’s” are spinning too ; )



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