The corrected exam: early art history – 15th century

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The nervous wait is over!

Today I got my corrected exam back!

A classmate and I thought we might have to do it again..but that was not really the case when our tears of joy came forth, we made it….


Ye, we laid the the studies aside and went to celebrate with a cake and some coffee!

1/4 exams done!



Library of books to put to good use

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Right before the Stockholm-trip yesterday I bought a magazine called Retro classics. What was special about this edition is that the whole thing wrote about Tove Jansson, you know the woman who made Mumin. This piece will get its own place in my bookshelf! All the names she has come up with for all the different kind of charaters and the character design, you also get the background about the artist, brilliant ^^


While in Stockholm my boyfriend and I visited the sci-fi bookstore and there I found this…


….and I just felt it had my name on it sooooo I bought it….It contains of wonderful character designs and the storyboard and sketches and….*sigh*…all the wonderful watercolour backgrounds ❤

I must say that my bookshelf are starting to filling up, I have all kinds of artisic books, about different techniques, artists, inspiration, how-to, a few romantic books *hihi*….well all sort of books, it’s nice to have your own library…a good name for my library could be……. <Library of books to put to good use>



Inked in Stockholm

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Yesterday I went to Stockholm with my boyfriend, who was the best moral support ❤

I had made an appointment with a friend who knows flowers, more exact he knows how to put them on your body!

IMG_8080SIGN joel      1392846194

The sketch is made from my description:…Flower…rose..clinging around my wrist…red..some leaves…

I really liked this design so we went for it more or less without changes ^^


And the picture above is the only in-progress picture I took yesterday. In the zone from start to end *hihi* below are the result, though with an initial swollen area…


Above is the picture I snapped today and below the picture Joel took right after he finished yesterday ^^ Click it to visit Joel’s instagram.

1621816_10152511173807737_5607875737053578397_nSIGN joel

I am really happy about how it turned out! And offcourse, now I want to continue building a sleeve! I will MOST PROBABLY be back for another piece I have in mind ^^

Platinum ink logga

Above is the studio he works for, Platinum Ink, click on the picture and you will be redirected directly to their site! Ps. If you click the picture of Joel you will be redirected to his portfolio at the studio.

I really recommend this studio! Nice artists, cozy studio and I felt like I was in good hands ^^



New painting – Start of progress

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So in the previous post I uploaded a few sketches for my new painting, and then the other day I dug into my new painting! Progress below…

IMG_8105SIGNsize IMG_8107SIGNsize IMG_8108SIGN IMG_8109SIGNsize IMG_8110SIGNsize IMG_3424SIGNsize

I am still working the big areas so I will not go down to any details anytime soon…since they will probably just get lost when I work different areas. I think the next stage will be to work the light and shade in the painting, to decide the direction fo light and stuff…when looking in this instant..perhaps work some blue in the foreground and the trees….well I will let it rest for a few days so if you want to give input, go for it   : )



Ideas taking form

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I was at a friend of mine the other day and we made drawings and paintings and stuff, while drinking some delicious red wine ^^ But all I can think about is my next painting, and I think I am starting to get an idea where to begin….below are a few sketches…

IMG17_0001fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0002fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0003fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0004fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0005fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0006fixsizeSIGN

I got really happy when I could mix the sketches with different pencils and colours.That way I could work similiarly to how I work with the acrylic paint ^^ I am for the moment trying to decide my 6 colours I will use…that is how I did the last painting, I decided on 6 colours to use to keep it together. Last time I used: indian red, cadmium red, yellow ochre, black ivory, white titanium and cerulean blue. I am also thinking about really working the light in the upcoming painting… I am really looking forward to this!

My friend has a really cute kid who I think tried charcoal for the first time, he is three years old. He had charcoal all over himself, really cute! I even got a drawing he had made with charcoal ^^


Second half of my process

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LINK to the first half of my working process of this painting. Below you can see the second half.

IMG_3382SIGNsize 1

IMG_3387SIGNsize 2

IMG_8013SIGNsize 3

IMG_3394SIGNsize 4

IMG_3391SIGNsize 5

IMG_8063SIGNsize 6

IMG_8073SIGNsize 7


I thought I had forgotten how to paint…I have not been making much stuff during the summer and then after a minor eye opener I just found that this was the best way to get rid of the built up stress, I feel at ease when painting and then suddenly 4 hours went by…. I think I got stuck in november when I started out on a huge painting, part of it in the LINK. I went into detail to fast I think so when I started out with this one I waited quite some time before going into detail. I have really tried to work with light, dark, colour and lines to get a nice flow in the painting. I also thought this felt new, but it wasn’t that much new about the way I have painted, just a development from earlier paintings as you can see in my painting in my portfolio….now I really want to start up a new painting….more to come !