Soon new glasses

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Yesterday my lovely boyfriend Stefan came with me to decide what kind of glasses I should have…. I felt like an ass when I approached the ladies who helped me in the different stores, since I told them they had it wrong all the time, they found glasses that were way to weird-looking on me, my head looked like a soccer ball most of the time….Stefan and I found that any glasses that didn’t make my head look like a soccer ball is fine really….in the end I decided for these:


Simple, black, nothing weird-looking fuzzy things on the sides, I hate glitter and ornaments and stuff on the sides, and they felt nice against the sides of my head. Mommy told me later on the day that I would look very teacher-like (yey I look my profession) and reliable. Good thing I can live up to those things! ^__^

Tomorrow I got an appointment to check how off my eyes are, and then time to order the glasses.



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