Library of books to put to good use

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Right before the Stockholm-trip yesterday I bought a magazine called Retro classics. What was special about this edition is that the whole thing wrote about Tove Jansson, you know the woman who made Mumin. This piece will get its own place in my bookshelf! All the names she has come up with for all the different kind of charaters and the character design, you also get the background about the artist, brilliant ^^


While in Stockholm my boyfriend and I visited the sci-fi bookstore and there I found this…


….and I just felt it had my name on it sooooo I bought it….It contains of wonderful character designs and the storyboard and sketches and….*sigh*…all the wonderful watercolour backgrounds ❤

I must say that my bookshelf are starting to filling up, I have all kinds of artisic books, about different techniques, artists, inspiration, how-to, a few romantic books *hihi*….well all sort of books, it’s nice to have your own library…a good name for my library could be……. <Library of books to put to good use>




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