Inked in Stockholm

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Yesterday I went to Stockholm with my boyfriend, who was the best moral support ❤

I had made an appointment with a friend who knows flowers, more exact he knows how to put them on your body!

IMG_8080SIGN joel      1392846194

The sketch is made from my description:…Flower…rose..clinging around my wrist…red..some leaves…

I really liked this design so we went for it more or less without changes ^^


And the picture above is the only in-progress picture I took yesterday. In the zone from start to end *hihi* below are the result, though with an initial swollen area…


Above is the picture I snapped today and below the picture Joel took right after he finished yesterday ^^ Click it to visit Joel’s instagram.

1621816_10152511173807737_5607875737053578397_nSIGN joel

I am really happy about how it turned out! And offcourse, now I want to continue building a sleeve! I will MOST PROBABLY be back for another piece I have in mind ^^

Platinum ink logga

Above is the studio he works for, Platinum Ink, click on the picture and you will be redirected directly to their site! Ps. If you click the picture of Joel you will be redirected to his portfolio at the studio.

I really recommend this studio! Nice artists, cozy studio and I felt like I was in good hands ^^




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