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Soon finished

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Link to previous work on the painting LINK

I have had quite some balanced weekend, feels good considering those stress-related stuff I have had in my backpack…I have been creative with my handsome boyfriend and I am glad to say I am almost finished with the painting I have been working on!

In the link above you can see where I ended it last time and yesterday I came this far…


And when I took a break for dinner this evening I had come this far…

IMG_8223SIGNsizefix IMG_8225fixsizeSIGN

Sorry for the bad pictures, my phone does not have the best camera in it(!!). Anywho I think what’s left is some more accented colour in the flowers above and also…. I see now that the light on the girl in blue dress are quite fucked up, I guess my head must have wandered to some other place…or I just did what I thought felt good… better do somehting about it or else I’ll just end up being annoyed. It’s time to finish it up otherwise I’ll just mess it all up!


EDIT/UPDATE: Link to finished piece


Preparations for the new wallpaper….

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Remember this lovely wallpaper?

A week approx I started out with this “small” renovating project 🙂


And the day after I have a sweet sweet friend who wanted to help me rip down the ols wallpaper, you to do that proper work before the actual new wallpaper gets up….


Today I found the time to get really far with my preparations… though… then all of a sudden my 3 litre bucket of  putty runs out..soooo got to go get more some day soon…tuesday?



Been working for hours today, and the relief when I got into um no dusty clothes…I can’t really say they are clean since I just switched to some other clothes with paint on XP

And yeah… I want the final resul to be a surprise 😀


Progress painting

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Here is my first session: LINK

And after a few hours yesterday I had got here…


In the evening my boyfriend and a friend came over and we just continued to create what we felt like 🙂

We had coffee going steady, some dessert and weird music in the background…and I simply continued on my painting…




I have different ideas about how to continue and my boyfriend had a few good ideas too, but I think I’ll just let it be for now and let it stand visible so I can think about it for a while 🙂

Besides I have another painting to finish up…. more to come…



Mostly apples

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I have had a few things to deal with but I think I am  back on track now. And I found a few books on the web by Shaun Tan with some really exciting pictures in them, and all of a sudden I just felt like I really had to draw! But I didn’t, though I should have, I went around just feeling like I had to draw for a few days…and that’s not good when yuo have an exam to prepare for. Yepp, yesterday I took another exam, I think(HOPE) I made it, we’ll see in about ten days.

But then all of a sudden I started to draw, on my way to school, on the bus. During the lectures I take notes in books without lines in them so I practically have pretty good sketch-books ^^ So with really loud music in my headphones….




And then today when I was chilling at my boyfriend’s apartment I made myself a cup of coffee and started to draw some more… I continued on the theme of apples and woods ^^




Perhaps these are some kind of sketch for some painting coming up, I haven’t decided but I know I would like to use them in some further way 🙂