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I have had a few things to deal with but I think I am  back on track now. And I found a few books on the web by Shaun Tan with some really exciting pictures in them, and all of a sudden I just felt like I really had to draw! But I didn’t, though I should have, I went around just feeling like I had to draw for a few days…and that’s not good when yuo have an exam to prepare for. Yepp, yesterday I took another exam, I think(HOPE) I made it, we’ll see in about ten days.

But then all of a sudden I started to draw, on my way to school, on the bus. During the lectures I take notes in books without lines in them so I practically have pretty good sketch-books ^^ So with really loud music in my headphones….




And then today when I was chilling at my boyfriend’s apartment I made myself a cup of coffee and started to draw some more… I continued on the theme of apples and woods ^^




Perhaps these are some kind of sketch for some painting coming up, I haven’t decided but I know I would like to use them in some further way 🙂



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