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Link to previous work on the painting LINK

I have had quite some balanced weekend, feels good considering those stress-related stuff I have had in my backpack…I have been creative with my handsome boyfriend and I am glad to say I am almost finished with the painting I have been working on!

In the link above you can see where I ended it last time and yesterday I came this far…


And when I took a break for dinner this evening I had come this far…

IMG_8223SIGNsizefix IMG_8225fixsizeSIGN

Sorry for the bad pictures, my phone does not have the best camera in it(!!). Anywho I think what’s left is some more accented colour in the flowers above and also…. I see now that the light on the girl in blue dress are quite fucked up, I guess my head must have wandered to some other place…or I just did what I thought felt good… better do somehting about it or else I’ll just end up being annoyed. It’s time to finish it up otherwise I’ll just mess it all up!


EDIT/UPDATE: Link to finished piece



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