Camden town

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A small sleep in and a long walk around camden town with all its markets today!




Now, I did want the scarf above, but we had just got to camden and I wanted to look around, I ended up buying like 2 other scarfs but I somewhat regret not remembering this jewel and buying this one too ^^ I like scarfs and scawls! More pictures of what I got will come when I get home 🙂

We also found these delicious donuts, I usually don’t like them but this was really nice!!
Time to go to the airport in a few hours…




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Destination: British Museum
The plan was to go from A to B, but we kind of did not. When we got there we stayed for hours, we wanted to see everything…
When we got to the pottery of the different cultures, I went into my own world, sketched a little, took pictures, Stefan went on without me and knew he would find me where he left me ^^




We decided upon arriving to the museum that we would buy a map, we didn’t yesterday! We still got confused….even though we had the map…




In a few rooms people from the museum sat with objects from collections, with the purpose of letting the visitors hold these objects….


The rock above has been formed with a sharp end, it is 500 000 years old! And I am holding it!! *hihi*
Destination: Games workshop
Earlier today Stefan said that the games workshop wasn’t far from the museum, it wasn’t! Just that we must have gone passed it the first time…we gave up and ate food instead, after we went looking for it again….now we really had to start checking if we missed the sign or something, we figure we must have missed it again… Finally we find it!

Instead of walking home today, we took the tube, I mean we have walked all day, so now, safe at the hostel, we are just relaxing! (And resting our feet)



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I don’t really feel like a tourist but today we did tourist-stuff: museums. First off was the Imperial War Museum. And as Stefan really are into the history of war and miniture mini wars (warhammer 40k), he was like a child on christmas-day, he jumped out of happiness!




And from here the pictures we each took started to differ out of different interest…





We walked around for hours, when we had seen everything we stopped for…


We went on to the National Art Gallery!







And I think some art students were housing the museum…




Just for the record, walked around for hours! Feet hurts and time to drink beer!



Stefan says Hi



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Arriving at Stansted airport and having to wait for the bus meant having our first cup of coffee in twelve hours !! But it felt nice to be back, like coming home 🙂
Yesterday was mostly just one day of travelling, and having to wait in lines on and off all evening meant being a bit bored, well that is easily fixed by hugs and kisses *hihi* The holiday has started^^
When we got to the hostel a friend of mine was working and the warm welcome with hugs and small talk just made me feel even more like I had come home.
This morning, I am laying in the same room as last time I was here, my boyfriend Stefan below me in the bedbunker. I can hear trains going past, in and out from waterloo-station, and ambulances every now and then going to the close by hospital, the morning traffic…..I should probably get more sleep, but I think I’ll manage.
Soon breakfast, and then we’ll see what adventures the day may bring.

It’s nice to be home ❤


Sketch instead of painting

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I painted most of the day, it felt good until it felt like crap and then my better half gave me a few pointers and it felt better again….now I want to paint it all over or better yet, burn it, so better stop today….I’ll show the painting progress when I get home from my boyfriend and can take pictures that better show the stuff I don’t like about the painting!
I went to chill out on his couch, sketching…



Painting continue

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Damn it is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for when you want to find something in your own archive here on the blog, I obvioulsy suck at writing down good search-words….

Well here you can view this painting and how I have worked with it before this: LINK

And below you can see how I have continued this painting, it happens to be a gift for christmas so I better be finished soon!

IMG_3515fixsizeSIGN IMG_3516sizefixSIGN

I have continued to work on the girl and the light, I have also added a few figures to make the whole thing more interesting, they will be more worked into the darkness I think…yepp I will just keep working on it and post gradually 🙂


Kitchen renovations

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The kitchen is almost finished! I have one cabinet and the spice shelf left, but I will do that after the exam next week 🙂

This is what have happened and where this post kind of takes off:




And now just keep scrolling and you will get to the end of this project!

IMG_3488 IMG_3489 IMG_3491 IMG_8273 IMG_3493


IMG_8263 IMG_8285 IMG_8290 20301621 IMG_8335 IMG_8336 IMG_8337 IMG_8338 IMG_8339

So this is how it looks now. I am so thankful for my friend who helped me with the wallpaper she is the best! ❤

I have also thought of something else…My livingroom is huge, huge! so I thought why not make it into two rooms, kind of…. this is how it looked…me standing in my studio part and looking into the couch area…


There is quite alot stuff all over since I was renovating the kitchen at the time… and this is how it turned out….


Might not be the best idea to snap photos with my phone all the time buuuut still… a nice wire and some curtains hanging splitting the room, so now while drinking my coffee I can sit in the couch and not have to see my mess in my studio *hehe* Ps. perhaps I should try to snap more photos with my canon eos….better quality in the pictures…