Pink hat

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You see that pink hat? Yes, I want one…but you can’t buy one, or at least I have not found one…yet..and I am impatient so~ I want to make one!

I have a friend named Sandra who is the best at crouchet, so she said she would teach me! First we made a small patch just so I would get how it works and then I set of to make a pink hat! Though…. when I went to buy the yarn I found the pink colours but I also found so many other colours so~ I went with two different colours instead….


It looks quite as planned…here, and then it went straight downward! It got too big for my head and if I were to go back I would loose so many hours of work so I just continued and thought that I’ll see were this ends. And then it became to small in the end, so weird, but I guess everyone makes their first hat…

10460295_10152818039611285_8863229832532492667_nSIGN 1503388_10152818039871285_8891786662441176278_nSIGN 10395843_10152818040001285_5655024281977860246_nSIGN

I need to make another one, and it will be some other colours and it will be more like the vision and fit more like this: LINK

An bit more roomy for all my hair and when I have made my hat I will be just as happy as that kid 😉




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