Pillow sea

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A lot is going on and I have been working in my kitchen, and today I bought lots of fabrics for another project, I have a cute friend on visit for a few days to relax her nerves…ye…perhaps I shall practise that too….

Today is one out of two days a week the second hand stores are open soooo~ my cute friend and I went for a stroll after school and found stuff! And by walk I mean two bitter women swearing over this cold fucking weather, perhaps it IS time to look for a warm country to fly to during the winters, like the birds…. it is the coldest before the snow comes and then the cold changes and just is, but now it is raining and the wind is blowing and the cold goes straight into your bones… anywho we found stuff! Pizza on the way home, the guy behind the counter asked if we wanted a bag for the pizza…easier to hold with all the other bags…all these things and stuff and fabrics and projects will be shown when it is finished!

This post is about the word “pillow sea” in swedish we say “kuddhav” and is has this really nice roll to it on the tongue and then I though <the word of the day to illustrate> translated into english I wrote this on my private facebook:

Some words in my vocabulary reappear, like “pillow sea”, it must be one of the best words! (it share the first place with “coffee” and “sara bernard pastry” and “bacon”)

So~ tomorrow morning (09.07) when I go to school I will illustrate my pillow sea, as I often refer to. Do you any reappearing words which needs illustrating? Post you picture in in a comment

Tonight I sleep in my pillow sea, nightynight!


So now I uploaded my pillow sea:




And here is my cute friends pillow sea:



Do you have favorite words or words that sound brilliant ?



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